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Any hairy ladies out there?

Now this is really embarrasing I'm getting rather hairy. I have a wee bit of a tach but lots of strong dark hairs under my chin. I can't pluck the bleepers out quick enough. I seem to remember reading somewhere that very heavy women get facial hair. Does anybody know anything about this. And if it's true does that mean they'll go away when I'm thin?
And how can I control them in the meantime?
It's doing my self confidence no good at all and I feel quite tearful about it tonight.
Any advice truly appreciated.
Mary Anne
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Totally Focused
Hi Mary Anne
Yep! Same problem! Since I have been very overweight I could have grown a better beard and tash than my husband has!! I have had electrolysis regularly for years but still they come back, whiter and stronger. However, since I have been on CD, the growth has slowed right down and I don't think there will be nearly as many for my beautician when I visit for my monthly session on Thursday.
Another incentive to get those pounds off, eh?
Definateley an incentive then. At least yours are fair-mine look jet black!!
i only have one hait that comes out of my chin, but i dont have to pluck it that often luckily.

I do, however, get really hairy on the back of my thighs. it is as thinck as a mans chest. shaving does not work as it is so thick and i just end up with a rash. it gets too long to wax also as it makes it too painful so periodically i get the hair removal cream out-today infact, the plug hole ends up looking like its filled with a hairball from a cat ha ha

sorry if this is tmi for some people


Silver Member

I am the same, and I hate it. I have PCOS, like many other obese women, and in my case this is what causes hairs to develop so fast. I never had them before piling on the lbs (or the stones, in my case :eek:). I can't use wax/cream as I never use any cosmetic tested on animals, and there aren't any around that has not been tested on animals (plus my skin is VERY fragile, so it is a no-no:sigh:). So I "tweez them out", if that makes sense. As for the legs, I shave, and shave, and shave:eek:. I know that it will decreased as I lose weight and my hormones are balanced again :D. So yep, another incentive to lose weight!!!!!!

I know you can take a pill to help with hirsutism, as one of my friend at school had some. But I would be too scared just in case it would get rid of my hair too, and my hair is one of the rare thing I like :rolleyes:.

I am glad to see I am not the only one :D

Ah- so I am not completely alone. Gosh- I wonder how you get that pill. I just can't pluck fast enough. My legs are quite hairy too.
I've tried the cream on my chin and the hair is too tough for it!!
I was thinking of having some lazer thing done but it's v.v. expensive and I overheard a beautician telling one of her customers that it doesn't work when I was at the hairdressers last week.
And I think it must hurt. A pill sounds much better !!


Taking Back Control...!!!
Me, me I'm a bearded lady too.....lol!!!

Seriously, I too suffer with facial hair - I do have PCOS but found that when I lost weight the symptoms reduced as did the hair grown - it didn't go completely but was far less noticable.... I have my lip and chin waxed every 3 weeks (when I have my nails done!!) and last time the beautician said my chin was worse....:eek: I'm hoping as the weight comes off (again...:rolleyes:) the symptoms will reduce...

Someone suggested I have electrolysis but because my problem is hormonal based I don't think it would work????

I have found though over the years my leg hair doesn't seem to grow as thick - it's quite spare in patches....???

I am sure as you loose weight the symptoms will reduce.... I found it did - and it also helped my fertility too....:D


Losing the baby fat
My mum used sugaring i think its called. Luckily hers are white but she used to pluck them out and had a habit of spiking you if she gave you a kiss!
I think it might be sugar based, not sure, but you rub it in and its gentler than plucking or waxing.

i heard underweight women are more likely to suffer from hairyness, I think worth maybe seeing if it is anything hormonal though. Other than that, having them permanently removed but it can be quite pricy.


Losing the baby fat
And just to add, people probably dont even notice.
I knew this woman and i never once noticed hers, my hubby did, and it wasnt till he mentioned it that I realised yes she does have facial hair and the only thing i did notice was she had a habit of sitting pulling her hair infront of her face, i thought it was just a habit, i didnt realise what she was doing.
we notice more things about ourselves than others do.


Taking Back Control...!!!
I heard underweight women get v hairy too.... especially anorexics - I think it's something to do with trying to keep warm???? I worked with a lady who was painfully thin - around 5foot 10 and I bet she was no more than 8 1/2 - 9 stone and she had really,really hairy arms.... like soft downey baby hair..... not that I felt it or anything....:eek:
I am of the belief that the twinkle hairs and the hairy legs hairs will eventually meet up just above the knee creating an entirely carpeted look and probably negating the need for any clothong.
Now if they start migrating up towards my boobies I'll just give up and see if I can get a modelling job at the zoo....


Taking Back Control...!!!
I am of the belief that the twinkle hairs and the hairy legs hairs will eventually meet up just above the knee creating an entirely carpeted look and probably negating the need for any clothong.
Now if they start migrating up towards my boobies I'll just give up and see if I can get a modelling job at the zoo....

LOL @ all the minni talk (first time I've heard that term for 'it')

I've found that as I've got lighter, so has hair growth. Particularly face and neck area, yay!

Always been too shy to get waxing done at a salon. Always done any waxing at home, myself. Saved me a bit of cash, s'pose...
my skinny friend used to get her top lip waxed.. ouuuuch.. i get my eyebrows waxed.. but thats it.. omg..
i used to work with someone who once tried to wax.. urm.. lets call it down there.. lol.. and she said her words not mine.. "i thought id ripped my flap off... ill never do that again".. we were all in stitches..
im really lucky cos i have blonde hair.. but my other mate has reeeeeeally dark arm hair.. and she finds it soooo annoying.. but you cant really see mine.. yay!
x x x

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