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Any Ideas for budget recipes


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Batchelors low fat sweet chilli flavour supernoodles add half the recommended amout of water, add a can of Tescos hot & spicy mixed beans and cook for time stated on pack, blooming lovely and only cost about £1. Free on EE and Green days. Also lovely with Heinz mexican mean beanz xxx


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Anything you can bulk out with beans. For example, I make Spag bol for 2 with extra lean beef mince, then with the leftovers I add a tin of kidney beans, some spices and a tin of baked beans and make 2 more meals of chilli. Yummy!!! And rice is cheap to go with it.

Soup is very cheap, and you can make it from whatever veg is on offer when you are shopping.

As has been said, SW chips. I believe that mug shots and pasta n sauce are cheap too, although I can't eat them as the flavour enhancer used in them gives me migraines.

Stirfry veg and noodles, cheap and quick and easy.

Look out for reduced/on offer meat. For example at morrisons at the moment they have 400g of chicken (approx 3 big breasts in a pack) at BOGOF £4... I bought 6 packs, opened them and split them into bags with 2 breasts in each (for 2 people) and have stuck them in the freezer. I used to do the same at uni.

If you can get bacon on offer, that's always a great standby, as are jacket potatoes.

You can make very cheap tomato sauce for pasta with a tin of tomatoes (about 34p) some worcester sauce (storecupboard essential in my book!) dried herbs, salt and pepper, onion and garlic, with a tbsp of tomato puree if you want to for 1/2 a syn. This costs about 50-60p and makes enough for 2 meals added to veg and/or meat. Bargain!

Hmmm... hope that helps... I was at uni for 4 years and have been unemployed for a while, so am not bad at budget meals and stretching things wherever possible.

A major thing is to shop around if you have the time. I have been to asda, tesco, morrisons and waitrose this week, and will go to aldi and/or lidl tomorrow for some fruit and veg. Will check out offers first online and see which I fancy!
im also a struggling student.but what iv been doing is getting some store cupboard essentials: bread pasta potatoes and the cheapest meat.and some tins of chopped tomatoes cheese herbs eggs.can make a ridiculous amount of meals from them and all very cheap


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Iceland do lots of cheap frozen meat & they also often have quorn products on special offer.

Also try your local market for fruit & veg, it's much cheaper.

Best of all is the free fruit available this time of year. I have loads of apples and blackberries that I picked at the weekend frozen for my winter puds.


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I live on my own so I try to plan a bit in advance to stop me from wasting so much food. As soon as I buy bread I put it in the freezer and as I only ever use it for toast I just take out my 2 slices and stick straight in the toaster.

I buy fresh onions and peppers but I also have bags of frozen onions and peppers in the freezer for emergencies and these cost very little from somewhere like farmfoods. I buy bags of frozen broccoli, cauliflower, sweetcorn, peas as these are great for bulking out meals and the sweetcorn and peas especially last ages.

A tip I got on here is to slice your potatoes into chips and parboil, leave to cool and freeze then when you want to make chips you can chuck them straight in the oven.

Aldi also sell bags of flavoured mini chicken fillets for 99p which is a bargain and a decent sized bag of frozen chopped cooked chicken pieces for £1.99.

I haven't done it recently but I used to peel a banana and stick a lolly stick into it, cover in clingfilm and stick in the freezer cos I hate banana's as soon as they start tasting sweet. If i buy grapes I freeze them straight away which also stops me from picking at them every time I walk by.
jacket potatoe :D
serve with beans, tuna, cottage cheese or whatever you fancy that is free or low syn!

you could also make up some chunky soups like minestrone which would be perfect fro green or EE



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If you buy a whole chicken and cook it with a small amount of water on a low heat for a few hours (100 degrees) you can then completely pick off every peice of meat from the carcasse. This meat will then feed you for at least 3-4 meals. I do this for my family of 5 and we get 3 meals for us so you should get plenty.

E.g use some for a roast dinner
then a chicken curry
Then sweet and sour chicken or chicken pasta salad

Put the carcasse back into the casserole dish you cooked it in and cover with water. add herbs, seasonings, few veg and create a stock.

Use this stock to make the base for a chicken casserole with lots more veg and the smaller bits of chicken from the chicken.

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