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any ideas for the lipotrim diet?

i add ice to my strewberry shake with crush the ice and add little less water to what they reccomend and i think it taste like a mcdonalds milk shake cant help on the soup as at the minute i only have the strewberry one
the last time i did lipotrim and didnt stick to it i had some chicken soups left. i had one and hated it. it wouldnt be so bd if we could add spices or something to them?


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Think someone said you can add chilly flakes to the soup
the chilly flakes sounds better than nothing ill ask at the chemist and make sure and try that. the chicken soup tasted awful and ive still got about 6 left


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I'm starting LT tomorrow I have 7 chicken soups so hope I like them!
hopfully you will. a friend told me if you want to swap them you can take them back to your chemist and theyll swap them for ones you like. i'll ask them to swap 5 of the ones i have, if not ill see what i can do to have them :)


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Sounds like a plan, my chemist was a bit odd tbh.
at my chemist i asked about the sweetners and which ones can we use and she looked at me funny and didnt know! i had to search the net to see if they were allowed
im hopeing we are becuase i use canderel ones in all my black teas


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So what drinks do you have black tea, green tea, water - anything else?
your allowed pepermint tea as well, although i havent tried it yet. a friend told me if you make a bit of the peprmint tea put it in the fridge for a short time then add it to a choclate shake its like a mint cholate taste.
the only thing i drink apart from the shakes is black tea. i found if you add a bit of chocolate shake powder to the tea it looks like a milky tea


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good idea about mint choc shake
the peppermint tea works well hot too, just brew up a peppermint tea and add it to your blender with choco and...voila! a mint options! i have one every night at bedtime once i put the kids to bed!
Some people add cinnamon to the shakes. Then you have the mint choc option, you can add a spoonful of coffee to vanilla or chocolate shakes to make a mocha or latte respectively and can have them either hot or cold. You can also make the chocolate or vanilla sachets into a mousse - instructions for this are on the LT bag.

As for the soup I know of people adding chilli flakes, paprika, cumin, assorted ground pepper, garlic and a number of other things. Salt is a definite no no, however.

And drinks - black tea like peppermint, green, redbush, nettle (any pure leaf tea, no fruits/berries/flowers ie Lady Grey, camomile or fruit infusions and NOTHING containing lemon or any other form of citric acid), black coffee, and water.

Sweeteners are fine as long as they are in tablet form and are not the spoonable kind that looks like sugar.

Hope this was useful.
Seeing as you're allowed LEAF teas, I've added tarragon flakes to the soup along with freshly ground pepper and a few chilli flakes. Added lots of water and eat with a spoon. It means I can sit down at dinner time with the rest of the crew and feel like i'm actually having a meal. it's palatable ;)
that cinnomin sounds nice... has any1 tried it? i'd be great id it was allowed.
No one has said otherwise in regards to cinnamon so I'd go for it...
oh im quite excited for that... i'll be adding it to everything! last night my family got dominios (and as if that wasnt enough they had the little round cinnamin thingys.. i love them! ) :( i didnt cheat thou.
Well done for keeping strong and resisting :)

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