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Any ideas?

Hi I am new here, starting the diet on thursday. My CDC is coming wednesday evening and I am very excited! However, as a matter of course my dr's surgery won't sign the medical form which means I will have to do 1200 cal because I am on meds. I want and need to do the SS as I need that break from thinking constantly about my next meal. Any ideas how and where I can get my form signed?:sigh:
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I wonder why you can't start on 810? Sorry i can't help but wishing you a great start. See what your CDC says. If you can't do SS then you can't do it. It wouldn't be safe for you hun. xxx
if you can do 810 its a good programme and you should like it, if its 1200 then you should still lose weight at a good pace, good luck!

(sorry have no idea where you can get it signed though, can you try another doctor for a second opinion? then if you get the same answer at least you know why you really do have to do a higher plan for the sake of your health)


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If you are contra indicated then your doc is right not to sign the form - do what you can (eg 1200) until your weight drops, you may find that your need for meds (you don't say what they're for, so forgive the presumption) drops as well.
This diet is great but is very restrictive, and if your doc thinks there may be problems with you going to SS then I'd listen hon, sorry.
Its your doctors discretion however i'd maybe go and see them again, maybe speak to a different doctor. Remember its not really permission you are asking for, more asking them to confirm that your form is correct, if there is a medical reason for them not signing then fair enough, if you were contra indicated you wont of even got the form off a cdc.
Surely to lose weight is to lose weight regardless of YOUR choice.
Sorry didn't say what its for, its for mild depression. There isn't a medical reason I can't do the diet just the practice policy not to sign the medical forms for VLCD.


Shut up Ethel
Hmmmm.....well, you can do other plans without your doctor's signature, can't you. I think. And who knows what you choose to eat, or not, when you're in the privacy of your own home? I'm not suggesting you ignore medical advice, but if its a policy decision not to do it, then they're clearly not listening to the needs of the individual and I think you deserve slightly more individual attention than that.

Ask for a second opinion, a different doctor perhaps, I remember having a similar conversation with my own doc when I started LL - for which you HAD to have a doctor's signature, and go every four weeks for blood pressure checks etc. I had to pay for it, too, as it wasn't a medical necessity. Maybe find a private doctor? Or discuss with your CDC whether a med form is strictly necessary if you do 1000 or above?

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