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Any November 2011 Brides??

Hello beanybaby. I am also a November Bride! I have till early September to lose the last 11 pounds. However, they are quite stubborn! I am not going to overly stress about it but I am sure that if I keep at it, they will come off. I would love to buddy up - looks like we have both last a similar amount of weight and are on the home stretch now ;) I am calorie counting too xx
Hi Morrigan, that's cool when in November are you getting married? have you got everything sorted now? I am nearly there just got little bits like favours etc to get now and to lose this last bit of weight so my dress fits nicely eeek..

Yeah the last few pounds are proving hard now..I tend to be good for a few days then just end up eating loads and staying the same the next few days. Have decided to have dinner then shut the kitchen door and not go back for more...

u have done so well with ur weight loss already any tips - what day to you weigh in? I'm on sundays :) xx
November 5th for me too! What sort of theme are you going for? Autumn is our favourite time of year so we are incorporating Autumn with a kind of celtic theme - lots of ivy :)

You are very organised!! I had been really slack til recently but my bridezilla mode finally kicked in over the last month and I have organised a LOT. Most things are done now, like you I need to concentrate on little things.

Did you order your dress in a smaller size? You have done really well so far. I agree that it is hard to stick too sometimes, especially with the stress but you have to keep thinking about how you want to feel on the day. You will look beautiful I'm sure :)

I weigh mostly on Sundays too! xx
wow how strange same day hey :) yeah we absolutely love that time of year and the build up to christmas!! Not got too much of a theme but we are going for Red for bridemaids and ill be wearing an ivory dress :) need to sort out jackets i think.. though last nov was quite mild... Do u get a lot of family going on about how cold it will be etc.. i didnt think it was that bad last year!!?

Thats cool I find i've been doing one or 2 things each month to space things out a bit as we will have been engaged 18 months by time wedding comes round so want to limit the stress a bit.. yeah trying not to be too bridezilla about it but sometimes u cant help it!! haha

Is ur honeymoon/hen do sorted? were off to egypt for ours :) and going to Alton towers waterpark for hen do..

Yeah my dress is size 14 though it is a very small 14 i'd say more of a 12!! so it doesnt quite do up at the back as yet!! I bought it and it wouldnt do up by 5" now ive got about an inch and a stone or so to lose to make it feel ok so i can breath.

Yeah I need to think of the dress when I reach for the chocolate bar!! I think when I was heavier I could get away with eating the odd piece of cake and still lose weight/inches but now it is getting really hard I need to eat healthy all week to lose anything!!

I'm sure you will look beautiful too!! xx
Thankfully my dress is being made to order and I haven't yet had my measurements taken which is great as I've dropped 3-4 sizes since I first enquired about it. However once measurements are taken I'm going to have to think about maintaining my size whatever.

It was weirdly warm in early November last year wasn't it? I quite like the cold so I'm hoping for something a little frostier this year! My bridesmaids are in long sleeve dresses thankfully and also a red shade :)

We have been engaged for almost 10 years and so we are almost TOO slack about organising things! I am on a roll now though and feel quite positive about it all! Our honeymoon will be in Indonesia! I LOVE Egypt. Which part are you going to? How exciting!

Hey wow that is a long time me my partner have been together almost 7 years, ur dresses sound nice its good urs is made to measure I wish mine was but it gives me good incentive to slim into it i guess! wow indonesia sounds fab! were off to the savoy in sharm gonna do a few excursions to the pyramids too make the most of being there its hard choosing places that are hot in nov! yeah a bit frosty no rain tho i hope! haha xx
I definitely know what you mean about honeymoon places - it was hard finding somewhere hot and not ridiculously expensive!

I am so certain it's gonna rain on the 5th because that is always my luck lol but hoping and praying it doesn't!! Are you going to get umbrellas? My Mum keeps talking about clear umbrellas to keep us all dry.
Oh no I really hope it doesnt though my friend got married in the summer and it absolutely poured down on her wedding day and was freezing when u wouldnt have expected it at that time of year!! Not sure about getting umbrellas maybe just use a massive one for myself ill prob just use one we have already rather than buy new ones!! are u having alot of guests to urs? We're having about 70 for the day and then a few more for the evening! Only having 2 kids which are our bridemaids to the sit down meal as too expensive having such a big family!! It is hard trying to please everyone isnt it! It is impossible in fact!! ahhh only 15 weeks to go today can u beleive it :) so exciting!! x
10th november here :p xxx
just had a tummytuck last thurs so im healing after my 17 stone loss xx

where you going for your honeymoons? xx


Violet is shrinking
10th november here :p xxx
just had a tummytuck last thurs so im healing after my 17 stone loss xx

where you going for your honeymoons? xx

Oh Piink, we've missed in the Xenical bit, I wondered if you'd had your surgery... how was it hun?

You look amazing and congrats !!! x
bunny ive posted my full tummytuck update in the sucess section xxx
Hey Piink :) Lovely to meet another November bride! We're off to Indonesia for our honeymoon - somewhere warm and far away from everyone else! ;) How about you?

Beanybaby - we are having around 60 guests for dinner and then some more in the evening. Loads of family too! Have you sent invites yet? We're about to send ours xx
How did your weigh in go Beanybaby? I couldn't do mine properly til yesterday but 1lb off for me this week. It's all going ridiculously slowly now but any loss is good :)

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