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Any of the old gang about??? I've been sooooo bad.

Hiya you lovely people....

Long time no see.

I've been sooooooooooooo bad, and still am being.

I'm planning on coming back soon though, I just have to get my head in the right place but until now I had no plans on doing cd again, well, I did but didnt have a clue if I would ever start again. I still havent yet but at least I'm planning to, now that's something at least :eek:

So, I've been binging, crafting and house hunting......:( so tiring...

How have you all been?? I've had a quick browse about the forum and can't seem to find my old friends....does that mean that you are all skinny now???? I hope so, I'm sure I'd have been very close to goal by now, and instead I've gained approx 1.5 STONE I have totally let myself down, but I won't go on about that, I've just blubbered all over my Diary thread so I won't do it here too.

I just wanted to say 'Hi' to everyone, and I'd love to know how you're all getting on. I hope you gang see this.... where are ya??
Also, thanks to everyone who sent me pm's and posted on my diary thread, sorry I didnt get back to everyone, I've just been in binge mode which tends to equal 'depressive mode' for me and was also phycologically scared to come back to minimins. Scared incase any of you tried to talk me out of eating my secret stash of DIME BARS..lol (the sad thing is though, I'm serious) :eek: I've also been having 'tests' done which was worrying but thankfully my results show that I have a few years left in me yet, unless I get run over by a bus that is...

Before I go, I just want to plug my Ebay items....As most of you gang know, I'm into my arts and crafts and have recently been creating some whimsical items, fairies etc....., if you'd like to take a peek at my stuff then my Ebay id is in my signature..... it will take your mind off eating if nothing else :D

Can't wait to hear from you all.
Love and Best Wishes to you as always,
jo (sj) xxxx
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Hiya SJ,
It is long time no see huni, i am so gld to see you back posting on here babes
people wont think badly of you,we have missed your fab an wonderfull posts
once you have your head back in the "right" place and back on track you have that 1.5 st off in no time at all babes
I look forward to catching up with you,am gonna check out your dairy and ebay shop

good to see ya
love tara xx
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Hey SJ. Im still around although not doing CD at the mo. Im on WW now and dont seem to be losing at the minute but at least im maintaining. I'm toying with the idea of CD again for a quick burst before xmas, but the thought of the frst three days fills me with dread... and the thought of going back to my CDC. I wish there was a way to just get packs without having to have the CDC then I would be back on it like a shot.

Ive noticed that lots of the old gang are missing, but there are still peeps here, hedgemag, spooky, saffron, porgeous.... we are all here for you when you are ready to restart hun.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hi SJ, we are still here for you huni x. Really missed you...love reading your posts, and will deffo check out your ebay..

Come and join us again on the daily thread...the gang are still there..some newbies as well.

Hope those Dime bars have now all gone ..lol

When you're ready and only you will know that, get back up dust yourself down and start again (Um wasn't that a song)...that 1.5 stone will be off you in no time at all.

take care SJ (((((hugs))))
wondered where you were, not seen any posts for ages.
Hope you get where you want to be, sometimes other things have to take priority.
Take care :D
Hi Sj, I'm still here! Been doing lots of 'headwork' this year, trying different diets, losing/gaining the same half stone endlessly! I now have re-doscovered my food diary and am using that plus various tips learnt over the years to finally, slowly and permanently lose this bloomin' weight!

Feel like 2008 is going to be my year, but I'm happy to share it, so I hope it's yours too!

Hi Sj - yes we are all still here:D Some days i think i'll be here forever:D It is taking a LONG time! I'm nearly at the end (have moved my goal twice now so i suppose i've made the journey longer myself!) but I'm finding this last bit REALLY REALLY difficult. I am thinking of going down a plan or 2 for a week to get abit of motivation and to kick start the metabolism again.

I think I pm'd you a short while ago as I was abit worried about you. I totally know where you are coming from though. When I feel like that I don't want to talk or even email anybody- just want to hide away under my blanket! The good thing is that you know each and every one of us has been there, we all have good days and bad days but we never ever judge, just support eachother through it all.

So, we are still here and will be ready to support you through it all as soon as you are ready to get going again. Lovely to see you back hun
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Welcome back Sophia-jo. :D Don't worry too much about your 1.5 stone gain, easier said than done I know but you'll easily get it off when you feel ready. :D I've been comfort eating myself these past few weeks and am over 10st now (I was 8st 13lbs this time last year), I keep telling myself to start dieting again and then talking myself out of it. The result is I feel fat, bloated, tired and all my clothes are starting to get tight :(

Sorry for hijacking your thread! :eek::eek:
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Hi SJ, so good to see you back on Mini's you have been missed hun. I always looked forward to your posts. Plenty of the old gang around and lots of newer members too. Never be afraid to post as we will all be here to support you through good and bad and wouldn't dream of putting pressure on you - you'll know when the time is right to give it another whirl!

Keep posting hun



Fed up of being fat
Hi SJ, its good to see you, I did wonder how you were getting on, once your head is back on track you will do great again Im sure. x
Helloooooooooooooooo SJ!

I'm glad you posted. I was wondering where you'd gone to since the last post a week or two ago on your diary :)

Lots of us are still here, I'm certainly not at goal yet! Good luck for restarting, when you feel ready to, you'll know when the time is right I'm sure.

You've been missed, keep posting even if you aren't ready to start just yet :)


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