Any opinion's?


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Hi all

Big deep breath!

I have made the decision that joining LL is my best option, not sure how I have slipped to this point but went to info night & weighed in at 19st 10lb:giveup:& need to sort it.

I've made a few big changes in my life in the last year - including starting a new job, stopping smoking & now need to sort my weight.

My worry was when meeting the LLC that she advised that I may not be allowed to join by the medical advisers as I have (& will always) suffer from depression. Though I have completed councilling & am currently reducing my medication to withdraw altogether. I'm worried as I have my mind set on this as the only option left or surgery, which doesn't resolve my way of looking at food. Has anyone heard of them refusing to allow you to start? Or any ideas?

Thanks all - I must mention that I have been reading the forum & blogs & you guys are an insperation!

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Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Hi Charlie

There have been a few others who hit the same wall and I believe they had no problem getting into the program, except for one instance I can recall. That young lady was bi-polar and I believe they felt she was not fit to take it on, but others have been fine.

Something to point out, if they give you trouble, is that most all obese people are depressed! And losing the weight is better , for me, then any pill they could give me. It truly has changed my life, my outlook, my happiness, dealing with sadness, etc. Its amazing.

Good luck, I really hope they don't give you trouble.

There are LL docs the LLC can refer if yours won't sign, but I would hope they will, as they should understand that could only help you feel happier therefore better equipped to deal with your emotions.

All good luck to you - and do let us know your progress in getting signed up!

Fingers crossed for you!!!



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Thanks so much BL, I feel the same way - if I can loose some of the weight then surely I will be dealing with the issues of the depression better anyway.

I'm seeing the Nurse to do the blood pressure etc today, but the form has to be "left with the reception plus fee & the Dr will look at it" - do they have training to be so negative?!

I've been reading your blog BL - I started from the beginning & couldn't stop (went to bed VERY late ;) ). You've done such an amazing job & your journey has been very hard, but it's amazing how positive & supportive you & everyone on here has been. It's made me so much more determined to do this!


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S: 19st7lb C: 13st1lb G: 10st8lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 6st6lb(32.97%)
Thanks Laststraw,

I learnt so much from the therapy I did from the depression, that I am going to change my life around, there will definately be a fight on their hands as I need to make these changes to enjoy the life I have & be here for my kids.

That's if the kids survive the comments - my 9yo turned round the other day (we were playing on the Wii) & I'd just done the body test.
"You're fat Mummy aren't you?" Hmmmmm, must remember to teach kids diplomacy......


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Hi Charlie,

I actually did have problems getting my GP to sign the form. It was put to me that they do not advise / recommend low calorie, liquid diets and promote healthy eating and exercise. I was told this by the nurse and GP after already getting through so many hurdles to join LL (finding the money and getting my family's approval and support), that I as soon as I was told this burst into tears and raised my voice!! They definitely must have thought I was depressed!! - or a totally mental patient! lol

If you go as a 'private' patient, paying for their services, they give you more of their time and will listen to your reasons. You'll still need their approval in the sense that you're a healthy candidate for LL, but it should eventually work out for you. I've now been on it for 7 weeks and lost over 2 stone so all the hassle is definitely worth it!

Good luck



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S: 19st7lb C: 13st1lb G: 10st8lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 6st6lb(32.97%)
I've handed the form in today & had the BP/pulse tests etc. I have asked for the form to go to the Dr I have been seeing over my depression as I think she will understand more - I had to hand the form into the receptionist (Do they train them to be especially unhelpful & difficult?!) asked when I should chase the form "maybe Tues, maybe Weds" Shrug of shoulders.....Did consider shouting "Don't worry it's nothing important, just my future you're holding!!" but thought that might go against me!

Hannahwil - Already have the "mental patient" part on my file(!) so not sure they would have noticed the difference! hehe


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I was depressed and on medication when I started LL back in 2006, so I don't think it's a blanket LL policy.

I hope you get the form back soon Charlie. Sounds like you're determined to make some really positive life changes :)


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Hi Charlie

It seems as though you are in the right fame of mind to address your weight
issues now. You have already made a good start with the smkoing etc and being there for your children can be a great motivator.
I agree that helping you lose weight is likely to have a positive impact on your
mental health. I hope your GP will see that too.
I don't know why their Receptionists often seem to be trained Rottweillers!
Hope you get to stat LL soon.