Any other horseriders here?

Discussion in 'Pets Corner' started by kittyd7015, 29 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. kittyd7015

    kittyd7015 Member

    This is my pony tigger :) not me riding !! anyone else ride or own horses/ponies/donkeys? :)

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  3. kittyd7015

    kittyd7015 Member

  4. Yes me! I have a 15.1 hh connemara x highland and a 16.3 (eek) id x irish cob. Mum has an oldenberg, thoroughbred and id x cleveland bay, although he is ancient bless him.

    I love y geegees
  5. kittyd7015

    kittyd7015 Member

    16.3???? wow :) xxx
  6. I know really? I thought he was 16.1 but he's hooge. Has an enormous moustache right now
  7. kittyd7015

    kittyd7015 Member

    pic pleeeeease :) :)
  8. will get one sorted.... my highland x Danny Boy has impacted colic :cry:and is in the best place now, rossdales in newmarket. they're positive.... fingers crossed
  9. charliexx

    charliexx Full Member

    Yes I do. I have 2:) a 15.1 Connemara x WB coloured 5 year old gelding and a 4 year old section b blue roan who's about 12.2 and a little tank!!!!!
  10. My little Danny ended up having emergency surgery as his colon had started to split he had a 30% chance of nit waking up, but wake up he did and after a very tense 3 day wait he started going again and I got him home last Friday!!!!

    Don't be afraid to ask for a referral if you need it... I can't praise the rossdales staff enough, they saved his life...
  11. honey-bees

    honey-bees Member

    Can I join ?! :)
    16.3hh RID - he also had a lovely 'tache until I cut it off last week

    Sorry to hear about your boy LMB, sending him some healing vibes now.

  12. Thank you hun x x he's doing just fine had his staples out yesterday and vet very pleased with him. Danny wasn't pleased to see the vet though!!

    I love horses with moustaches my Edward has an awesome one in the winters!!!!
  13. equi

    equi Full Member

    I have just sold my 16.1 thoroughbred, now i have a heinz 57 (its thought to be a cob x tb) hes only 15.1 so he is spurring on my weightloss cause i feel bad for him having to lug me about.

  14. summerbear2013

    summerbear2013 Gold Member

    No but I'd love one of my own agsin as was 6 yesrs ago when I lost my last one. I'd love another huge 16-3 beauty my hubby says when I'm at goal he'll buy me 15 riding sessions then decide if we have the time. V jealous of u ladies right now xx

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