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Any other teachers able to offer advice?

Hi. I am really struggling with being able to control my emotions in class while attempting this diet. When I am not at school, there is no effort in going 100% but it takes all my willpower to not walk out of school if I am 100% on schooldays. Even if I eat just green and white on schooldays I am not able to function.

The instant I add some carbs (generally rice from a school dinner) I can get through the day and nothing seems to bother me (too much).

It's only that one meal I'm having most days, but I am really finding I can't work without it.

Are there any other teachers out there who can give me some advice?
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I'm a teaching assistant, I only have cd at school, normally the soup, I don't take anything else with me, sometimes go for a walk at lunch when everyone else is eating and don't go near the dinner hall, I find only having cd at school much easier, and if I'm on ss+/810 I have the "meal" at home


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Hi. Only me :) I'm a teaching assistant and I have a bar at work, always the cranberry crunch one and at least two litres of water by 12 o'clock :)


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I'm a teacher. Can't say I had the same problem though. Just found it hard getting the water in.

It was good being able to quickly have a drink at lunchtime as there was rarely time for a proper lunch anyway and it was always rushed.


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I'm not a teacher but work as a social worker with child protection so high stress levels all round. I find that its sometimes difficult to drink the water as I'm in interviews /meetings for much of the day.I tend to keep away from the kitchen area, drink as much black coffee as possible and if things get desperate I resort to either a baby bel cheese or a piece of ham. I actually find that nibbling (even white meat type stuff) does tend to make me more hungry and want carbs than sticking to the diet 100%. When I'm in ketosis I find myself much more even tempered and have more energy.

Speak to your cdc it may be that you'd be better off with an extra food portion on a daily basis.

At the end of the day if you can't function on SS then it would be worth a chat with the cdc about doing SS+ rather than getting depressed and packing it in then just SS in the holidays.

Good luck with it all and well done on your weight loss so far
Thanks for the advice guys. Going to talk to my CDC about adding a meal or whatever it's called now.

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