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Any pet owners about?

I can not aswer for Great Britain but here most animal drugs are bought in the Pharmacy .
Out of curiosity, has anyone recently had a prescription from their vet to buy pet meds elsewhere?

If so, can I ask how much they charged (per item) ?

Just curious to know whether I'm having my back teeth pulled out :confused:
I used to do this to get paediatric septrin for one of my rabbits (ie that banana flavour antibiotics we used to get as kids) and they used to charge me the actual cost of the drugs. Some chemists also charge a dispensing free as its classed as a private prescription (I don't think Boots do). Some vets also charge to write the prescription (luckily mine didn't).
This may sound daft, but do you get animal medication from a chemist then...like boots?!

I always thought it came straight from a vet!
Almost 100% of the time it comes from the vets but on the very odd occassion an animal is prescribed something that the vet doesn't have which is actually a human medicine, in which case you can get it from the chemist rather than wait for the vet to order some in for you.

I have had bunnies for many many years and been through a lot of illnesses with them, and have quite often ended up giving them childrens drugs. Horrid to think but they were probably tested on bunnies originally! :cry:
My OH really wants two bunnies. We saw two gorgeous ones today but I'm not sure I want to get two right at the mo. I'd be worried to leave them for the weekend locked up in the cage. Hmm..

Are yours hosue bunnies or backgarden bunnies?

They're house bunnies - Lavender (white/brown/grey splodgy one) who is 6 yrs old, and Darwin (big brown monster french lop) who is 2 yrs old. They live in our lounge and are litter trained, v friendly, like fuss, and like the cats. :D

Ruby - sorry for hijacking your thread!!!:wave_cry:
Cute bunnies and puddy tats :)

My vet has quoted £10.00 + VAT which I thought was reasonable until they specified per item. So one prescription with 3 items on is going to set me back £35.00 just for one piece of paper :eek: :faint2:

I can get the drugs online for half the price the vets charge, but I need the prescription to get them so I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place :banghead:

I appreciate that the online companies buy in bulk, less overheads etc..... but for the vets to charge double the price? :hmm:

Oh well, rant over, I suppose it's the same for us - paying per item.

Off to the buy the vet a new range rover then......

(Okay, slight exageration maybe :giggle:)
BevBunny... That is absolutely without a doubt the most adorable thing I have ever seen!!! I can't believe they get on with the cats like that and are litter trained!

How do you go about litter training them?
our scripts were £9 per script
BevBunny... That is absolutely without a doubt the most adorable thing I have ever seen!!! I can't believe they get on with the cats like that and are litter trained!

How do you go about litter training them?
elb4160 and Fernx - people are always suprised when they see the buns and the cats together, it took some v careful planning and a lot of patience. When we decided to get cats (they're just 11 months old) we went to rescue centres and no one would give us kittens cos we go to work, but we knew kittens were our best chance of getting the cats and rabbits to be friends. So we had to go to a breeder, so chose a breed known to get on with other animals. The kittens came to live with us at 13 weeks, we basically kept a fence between buns and kittens for a few weeks, then gradually introduced them. Lots of my bunny friends (i do voluntary work for rescues) told me i was mad - I have now proved that it works. They lick each other, play with each others toys, follow each other round the house and so on. We still separate them when we leave the house though, just to be double sure for now.

As for litter training a bunny - you wait for him/her to wee and/or poo, mop it up with tissue, and put the tissue in the litter tray. Put the bunny in the litter tray and make sure they smell the tissue. A neutered rabbit will then normally use the litter tray. My Darwin bunny took just one random wee, and then he was litter trained - I guess its probably not always that easy!
Bev, my OH is amazed your cats are so happy next to your bunnies!!

Thats adoarable though.xxxx
I have to say that I'm really very proud of them all. My older girlie bun can be quite stroppy but she's been just lovely with the cats. Even when they were kittens and used to attempt to pounce on her, she just nudged them away - although saying that, its although they know that she is in charge. :D

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