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Any suggestions for cold drinks without sweetener?


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I'm so bored of water.

I can't drink anything with artificial sweetener in it, so all the diet drinks are out - likewise flavoured water cos they're the same, and so I drink water and have done since June 2008 when I started.

Does anyone have any ideas for low or syn free, cold drinks that I might try instead?

ps: I don't like tea or coffee, either!

(off to bed now, will catch up in the morning x)
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have you tried some of the fruit/ herb teas

two I particularly like cold are
cranberry raspberry and elderflower - and orange mango and cinnamon
I just make a jug of each with two teabags in the morning (sometimes when I am organised I do it right before bedtime) I dont bother to take the teabags out just let it cool with them in and them pour it into water bottles - when I have drunk one I make the next batch to allow it to cool in time

there are many you could try just find a flavour you think you will like


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How about using normal fruit squashes, not sugar free, and syn it. Just make it really weak, so a bit of squash to loads of water. You don't have to drink it all the time, only when you can't stomach plain water. Like you, I can't have too much sweeteners because it seems to make my eczema flare up. Plus I don't like the idea of loading up on too much of it just because they are so artificial lol. So I do it this way and syn. I also cook with olive oil and syn because having a totally fat free diet, again, it makes my eczema flare up.


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I agree with the above - herbal fruit teas are nice. Make some up and let it cool. Voila! :) xx
No, the herbal teas don't taste of 'tea' at all (I can't stand ordinary tea, so believe me, I'd be steering well clear if there was even a hint of it!)

Things like the peppermint, fruity teas, ginger, etc etc are all non-tea based. I think they are sometimes called 'infusions' instead. All are lovely chilled :)
Fruit teas like backberry, raspberry etc are just like hot Ribena - no hint of tea. I drink them when OH wants to go to Costa Coffee etc to save my syns :D
fresh fruit in water is good, I make a batch up using boiling water cos I think your get more flavour that way and them just let it cool down and chill. Make it the night before and then its done. Fresh ginger is another good one with hot water over it and some lemon in it.
I like to add mint to water too!
Have you seen the new Robinsons 'be natural' squash drinks. 1.5 syns for 50ml serving, but my OH seems to think it's very nice.
It's reduced down in Tesco at the moment to £1 for the 600ml bottle which is 17 servings- on the normal sqash shelves, in a thinner bottle. You have to keep it in the fridge once opened and use within 3 weeks.

Actually, 600ml divided by 17 must be less than 50ml servings, so maybe less than 1.5 syns each time...(brain working overtime).. Yes - more like 35ml servings, so 1 syn is more accurate.
Ingredients are..

natural sugar
lemon juice
fruit juice
natural flavourings
natural colour

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