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Any Teachers or other child carers on this site

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oo Thanks.
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I also work in education with children who have disabilities in secondary mainstream schools... training to be a fully fledged teacher with a pgce next year (Slim teacher that is!!!)

hey, im a nanny i look after 2 girls 3 and 5, im planning to go to uni full time and do a early years teaching degree! with the confidance ive got , i feel i should do all the stuff i want to do! so i am
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oh wow, does any
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Oh wow, few of you then. Do any of you have an idea of eyfs planning, i got ofsted coming out soon, i do not have a clue. I start the eyfs course in nov. Apparently even if we have not done the course the expect to see the planning..doh! Im sooo scared!


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I teach A'level and GCSE Art, I don't recognise the term eyfs, but assume it refers to early years? Please elaborate if you think I can be of any more help, but at the moment I can't add anything! Sorry!
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Yes..lol. Its the early years foundation stage. A great big pain in the Ofsted butt.


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I know plenty about the pain of Ofsted!!
Unfortunately not the key stage that will help you...

My only suggestion is that you should be able to get the info on what you need to have planned either through your workplace, or perhaps the Ofsted website?
Usually the inspections are quite heavily weighted upon past areas for development, and the management of the school, so your manager/team leader/head of department should have given you everything you need!

In terms of planning, do you mean what format should your daily/lesson plans take? What should be included? I work in a 3-18 school (just in the older end!) so if I did a bit of digging I could probably find something useful from the younger end of the school, however your line manager should really be giving you all you need to know :)
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No, im not a teacher.I am a childminder. I have 0-8 years. I need to plan activities that involve the eyfs, and until i have done the course in nov i dont have an inkling, been told by another childminder, she had her visit, and the did not like it because she had not done the planning, even tho she said that she has not been on the course.


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Just done a bit of searching for you... have a look at this site The Early Years Foundation Stage This should give you some guidance.

My only advice would be that I imagine they will be expecting you to be making written plans to demonstrate what activities you are doing each day, how they allow for the development and learning of each child (differentiated for age), also they are keen to know what the learning objectives are for the activity.

Edit - this is a quote from the site -

Providers must plan and organise their systems to ensure that every child receives an enjoyable and challenging learning and development experience that is tailored to meet their individual needs.
Providers must maintain records, policies and procedures required for the safe and efficient management of the settings and to meet the needs of the children."
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Thankyou munkypooh;)
The problem is is putting it into writing..im so confused with all this!
blahhhhhhhh. Ill have a look see if it helps, cheers for the helpxx
Hi Lynn,
I work in KS1 but liaise closely with our FS cordinator. My understanding is that OfSTED will be looking for evidence that you have begun to plan with the new framework in mind, as it has been interpreted within your Local Education Authority. I think if you can show that you are conversant with the changes by looking through the documents and making some adaptations to the planning you are doing, that should be enough if you are inspected before the course. Each LEA seems to be interpreting the new framework slightly differently but there seems to be a stronger emphasis on children leading their own play, so in our setting, the practitioners are planning for Monday and then allowing children to lead the emphasis for the rest of the week. In theory this sounds great (quite Montessori, don't you think?) but I don't hink they've thought out how the learning of children who play rigidly in one area (e.g. trains) can be encouraged to extend their experiences if they are always dictating the direction of their own play!
On the positive side, apparently there is a huge backlog of inspections and lots of settings are being inspected later than expected. Maybe that will be you!
Hope that's helpful.


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Hey Lyn!! You can get off the dfes website a free information pack on the new eyfs it covers all the different stages and what needs to be covered its really useful and will help you in planning activities.
All ofsted want to see is your incorporating the new plan into daily activities.

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