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Any tips to stop night time binging?

Hi Guys...

Evenings. Tired. Hungry. No will power.

How can you stop eating or pigging out late on? Any tips would be gratefully received!

I am meant to be starting Cambridge diet for the 20th time (feels like it!) but cant seem to get past day one or two...

If we could do a list of things that help us all to keep on track at this time then I'm sure that would help lots!

Have a good day!

Vix x
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I brought a skipping rope and at about 8pm i skip for 15 mins im so exhausted and out of breathe i chill out for 15mins then have a bath by the time im done with a bath an feeling proud of myself that ive done exercise im not eating anything to ruin that extra few calorise i burnt off.

So maybe try doing some exercise and leave it till abit later in the evening
Thats a good idea! Ive tended to do exercise early in the day (if at all) which makes me MORE hungry!

The bath is good too.... suppose you can see yourself in all your glory then! haha x
Yea and i take one look at my tummy and it puts my off food for the rest of the day hahaha
and make sure you spend time after the bath pampering yourself with body creams to keep moisturised and hopefully avoid the friendly stretch marks x
I've been going for walks with a friend in the evenings. Kills 2 birds with 1 stone. We never get to gossip during the day the kids etc, so its our time to have a proper catch up. We don't make it every evening, perhaps only twice a week, but the times we do go out, by the time I get in, am so exhausted, just enough time to have a cuppa (which my other half has to make as can't walk to the kitchen by that point)and never want anything with it, then bath and bed. The excercise thing is good way to stop the binging. And coz I'm so tired get a good nite sleep 2.
i have started reading in the evenings and find this takes my mine off food.
I like the idea of reading in the evenings. I keep on saying to hubby I never get the chance to read. You can't pick at food whilst reading (well its harder too). What a great idea, love it. Thanks
I eat when bored, and tiredness increases boredom.

Simple cure? Go to bed :D

Seriously. If you're tired, it means you need to sleep. If you have obligations keeping you awake (and I mean real ones, not wanting to watch the telly), then keep yourself busy to distract you from the snacky urge :)
Distraction is a good idea - it's just trying to find that distraction. I've actually found this forum a good way to elivate the boredom as although talking about food, no time to eat as too busy reading and typing!
Mad isn't it. With all our busy lives, you would think who has time to eat? Yet we all manage to find the time to eat too much. Chatting on here is so useful in soooo many ways.
The best bit of advise I could give is to make a drink and find something to pass the time. Find a hobby you really enjoy, make a puzzle, do some knitting - anything just to take your mind off food.

This is one reason why I always do my exercise in the afternoon/evening. It gives me less time to be thinking about eating.
Just had another idea.....if you don't have one, go out and buy a DS Lite. I borrowed a friends the other week. I was on it forever in the evenings. Before I knew it, it would be 10pm and time for bed...had only my dinner those nights and nothing else. It was brilliant. Gutted when I gave it back. think will buy one myself now! Wonder if I can get commission for advertising them, then I could afford to buy?!?!

I lost a fair bit of weight when I took up knitting - my hands were too busy to eat, lol!

I also drink herbal teas in the evening, just got a new liquorice one (I love liquorice, so this gives me the flavour without the calories).

Diet coke and sparkling water helps too.

Or like the others have said, distractions, bath, walks. I can't wait for lighter evenings!

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