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anyone _not_ want to eat?


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Hi crys wouldnt worry about it, just see what tomorrow brings. Oh dear the dreaded Maccies! Tomorrow is another day, you will prob feel different then and get back into it,
I feel like that quite often. I dont have a very big appetite at the best of times but sometimes I can go all day without eating and not even realise! Its probably your body subconsiously making up for the maccies yesterday :)
When I was younger I once didn't eat for 3 days. I just wasn't hungry.

Did you have something to eat early-ish or did you wait till later on? I always find if I don't eat a little bit early on then I won't feel hungry and have to remind myself to eat.
Oh dear:sigh:
I have to be careful when I am trying to lose weight as I am "an all or nothing person"!
Basically I either "over eat" or the opposite,:eek: if not on Slimming World.
I have to make myself eat breakfast, even if at 11am, and then my appetite kicks in a bit more!
Maybe it's psychological, due to yesterday?
Hopefully you will be back on track soon:)


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I made a concerted effort and made a mugshot, pitta bread, muller with strawberries and a clementine, and managed to eat it all, just wanna make sure I dont inadvertantly starve myself
I wish I had this problem but unfortunately I'm a human dustbin lol!
You and me both Krupskaya!


Now to maintain.....
me three! lol:D
The only time I don't eat all day is when I'm in bed with a hangover lol! :D

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