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Anyone around the 13st mark or BMI 30???

I was curious to know if there's anyone else on ww that's around about 13st?? Thought it would be interestin to keep an eye on how you're getting on (and maybe gain a bit of motivation to get myself back on track!).

I'm approx 13st 2lb (probably a bit more by Monday :eek:) and I'd love to get down to about 10st 4lb ish (eventually).

For now I'm just going to try and take it half a stone at a time, I just wondered if anyone was in a similar boat :)
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hello marie!! im almost the same as you, im just over 13 and starting the cambridge diet next monday or tuesday (waiting for my counsellor to get back to me!) are you following any particular diet? good luck with it all and stay positive!! xxxx
Hi Delilah

I've tried to get to grips with CD several times before, but it's just too hard for me - it always seems like a good idea before I start it, then 24 hours into it I've always changed my mind, lol. Good luck with it though - CD will have you at your goal weight in no time!

I'm hoping to get back on track with ww - slower than CD, but definitely more achievable for me (no point in me trying a quicker diet when I can't do it - slowly but surely will have me at goal quicker, because I've more chance of sticking to it....if that even makes sense, lol).


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Hi Marie,

I am 13st. 7lb and I know I am on LT but as you can see I am a very slow loser...

I would love to be 10 stone and think I might be there sometime in October.

Not sure how long I will be allowed to SS on LT.

I would love to keep in touch:)

You too delilah:)

Love Mini xxx
definatley! everyones different and if you know one diet isnt for you theres no point wasting money on it and getting nowhere! ive never tried CD but im hoping itll work for me, we'll see thou! we should all keep in touch for sure :) do you both have weekly weigh ins? what days? xxx
Wow Mini - I see you started off at 16st 6lb!....well done to you for getting down to the 13st's! And slow loser?? I think not...I can see a lot of fantastic losses on that signature of yours...keep it up and you'll be at goal in no time.

I'll keep an eye on your progress - and trying my best to keep up with you! :) x


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I weigh in on Tuesdays!
I will be weighing in on Mondays - if I can get back on the ww wagon then weighing in on a Monday will help keep me on track over the weekends (if I weigh in later in the week I'll just end up pigging out at the weekends and telling myself it's ok, because I've got 5 days to shift it, lol).


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Hi Marie we have approximatly the same to lose ( i probably have more now i have NOT had a good week ) but im determined to get back on track tomorrow and stick to it :D
Lol Paula - you can't be that far off with a BMI of 32(?)...you'll soon be there. In fact, you'll probably be down to 11st and I'll be posting another thread like this one but for 14st instead of 13st :rolleyes:

Vodaka - I would love to lose more like 50lb, just like you, but I can't myself ever getting there, so I'm going with 40lb for now...hopefully I'll get there and then keep going to around 50lb ;)

So, no one else with us on this 13st/bmi30 then???

It'll be nice to see us all shrinkin together at a similar rate...a bit of healthy competition and extra motivation can't hurt can it girls...but try not to feel too down hearted when I'm beating you all :p (heehee, I'm just kidding....kind of, lol).


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I do like healthy competition, i even passed on a free chinese tonight and had pasta instead hahahahaha
I am 13st 1lb - BMI 31.something and want to get to 11stone. I have been doing WW 3 weeks and WI on saturday morning - which means I am good on Friday - can be a little bit naughty and am back on track by the time I do my food shop on Sunday.

Good luck on your weight loss journey.


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I rejoined ww on thursday im 13st id like too be 10 st then see how i go.Ill look forward too seeing how we do.Im trying the core plan this time.
Yey, another one! :)

We should all try and keep this thread going......in a few months time we can change the title to "anyone around the 11st mark or BMI 25?" heehee!!


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Hey .. this is a great idea :)

Im 12.11 and BMI 32 :( .... but it was 36 when i started so shouldnt complain! lol

I want to get to my first goal of 10 stone! and BMI 25... and then go from there