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Anyone been to DISNEYLAND PARIS whilst on CD? I need to know what foods to eat.

Hi guys, this thread is a little premature as we don't travel for 2 months but I have it in my head that I'm going to end up eating junk while we're there and I'd like to bannish that though from my head.

We've been to DL FLorida a few times and DLP once and I know that there is a lot of naughty food about and usually that's what I tend to go for but not this time I hope.

We go to DL Paris in November and although I hope to be a lot lighter by then I know I won't be at goal so my question is this, has anyone been to DLP lately whilst on CD?? I'm on SS at the moment, I have no idea when I'll be moving up the plans but I guess the right time would be just before my trip?? I would like to know what foods you ate while you were there and where you got it from. I really don't want to eat junk, really I don't and if I have meal ideas before we go then that would help me a lot.

All I can picture when I think about my meals in Paris is a french baton with ham and salad, omg I would kill for that right now :D is bread a complete NO NO ?? I guess so.

I plan on taking some tetras in my case and maybe having 2 per day, ie breaky and lunch and then I plan on eating a healthy tea, as healthy as I can find anyway.

Sorry to babble on and on, I am rather worried about it though and help and advice from you guys would be most appreciated. Oh, we are away for 5 days so surely I can't do that much damage eh?? There is a supermarket a few bus rides away I believe, where I'd probably be able to buy stuff but to be honest, we don't really want to waste time going there every day, we won't have a fridge to store stuff either.

thanks for reading guys...

xx sj xx
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Hi Yes I went whilst on SS...... and I am sorry to tell you that I found it impossible to eat healthy or stick to SS..... SSing was never an option as I only like Choc Mint and the bars and I wasn't able to mix the Shakes....

When I went all I wanted to eat was lovely vegetables etc and could find nothing but junk. We stayed in the Disney Land Hotel right on the gates to the park and even in there it was hard to find lots of vegetables etc.

In the park lots of Burgers, Pizza, etc etc etc.... in the Village more of the same.....

Sorry honey.... but on the plus side, I didn't go over board and I was there for 4 days when I returned and got weighted in 4 days later I had last 1lb....:)

Good Luck and enjoy your holiday...


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I started Cd and then 6 days later I went to Disneyland in Paris and can honestly
say I stuck to it 100% - I didnt swerve from SS once! The only thing that was hard was getting the wtaer down me.

Now if I can do it after only being on SS for a week you can definitely do it! Leaving that holiday I was so proud of myself, don't get me wrong it was sooooo hard with all the food and drink around spec the scrummy buffet breakfast but I managed it! I even sat across from my bf in a restaurant where he ate steak and described it as the 2nd best he has ever had and i didn't so much as sniff the bread.

If you are ss'ing go for it and stick to it! I took a mini blender with me and made one up at night and first thing using ice from the machines in the hotel and had a bar at lunch time - wasnt always very nice but I can honestly say I was so proud of myselfit was such an achievment for me!

Nat xx
I went last year, and did AAM week and managed fine!!!

I had tetras and bars for the whole time, and for my aam we ate at cafe mickey and I had ceaser salad no croutons and no dressing!!!!

I came back and lost 3lbs that week.

The great thing about it was the water fountains too, I filled my little bottle at every fountain and managed water no problem, had an absolute ball!!!

Im going back in October, cant wait, hey there high there ho there its a disney kind of day!!!!
so it can be done then?? Don't know if I'm happy or dissapointed, lol.
I think I had it in my head that I would be eating like regular people to be honest, as much as I really don't want to spoil my diet and I want to get to goal, I thought that on my trip I would have to eat like normal people so I was kinda looking forward to it :eek:

I'm sure I'll manage with the Tetras in the day time and a small meal at night, although I think our Hotel offers a full buffet of food for breakfast included in the price, omg omg omg, I don't think I'll be able to resist, who knows?, I won't think about it til nearer the time now. Now I'm going to bed hungry and my mouth is watering soooo much:eek:

Thanks again guys...

I'm off to bed...night night xx sj xx zzzzZZZZZ
I checked recently about the Tetras and although they taste better cold they are in effect a long life product. So they don't have to be stored or drunk chilled.

Although it might be a tad soul destroying for the holiday you could just survive on them for the time you are there..and when you come back have a big smile on your face and be so proud that you stuck to it 100%

I always think it would look odd sitting at a table not eating when others are but....so what if your family members are eating in the restaraunts and you aren't...other than the people you are with you'd know no one so who cares if it looks odd.

and always remember..you started this diet, hate the description journey too american, for a reason. If you are going to be successful during it and after it's as important to change your mind set as it is anything else...You don't NEED to eat those food whilst there you do NEED to lose weight and be healthy.

Man this forum has effected me..i sound like a preacher and I've only been on the diet 10 days lol

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