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Anyone been to Germany?

whereabouts are you going? I have been to dresden and leipzig they are really nice and great shops. They tend to have a lot of designer places and good quality clothes shops, lots of bars where they sell coffee as well as beer lol xx Hope you have a great time :)
Thanks Becky I did Google it, not that much info!

I don't drink never have so that's not gonna phase me.

Nikki, I going to Hamburg (Lubeck), Maybe I could find a dress for my mum's party then? I saw one I liked in DP but Im sure about a million people would have worn it by then!
Do they have any of the stores we have here? What's it like for eating??

eating lol well its probably not too bad in Hamberg because there is a big british army camp based there so they may have more english stuff there. But german wise everything tend to be pork, chicken and turkey. When I was there I couldn't find any beef and lamb but that may have changed. You'll find a lot of bakeries and chocolate shops. They also have these soft gingery kind of biscuits I don't like them but u might (if you can have them).

As for the clothes front their style is a bit different from ours they tend to be a bit more conservatively dressed than us - but you should definitely be able to find some classic pieces.

Hope thats a little use :) and remember to say danke schon (means than you very much, I think lol my german is rusty) but they do like to speak english so don't worry too much about the german xx

Allan G

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:D Hamburg is a nice place, i spent 2 years in Berlin, and Bremehaven when i was in the army, it is a lovely place, not so many british units left over there now, the shopping is very good and the food is great, the euro isnt as strong as it was though so keep an eye out on what you think is a bargain, it may not be :D
Hey thanks for yoru replies..

Nikki- Well Chicken and Turkey works for me, I will prob SS+ whilst out there, No bakeries or Chocholates for me! How dare u tempt me lol.
Lubeck is apparently famous for marzipan...EWWW!
Danke Shon! Haha

Allan- Thanks for the tips, Im just hoping that they have a H nad M, or Zara or something. Do you know of a particular shopping centre/mall? That's good for tourists?



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OMG there will certainly be H&M and Zara - I went to Bruges and Brussells in October and I ended up in 4 different ones over a weekend!!! Have a fabulous time! x


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Its very pretty, very SATC!! I like it.

I am sure you will be, enjoy it!


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Well their stock was very similar to here, I thought their clothes out there were actually better, I went in the winter and got a gorgeous coat from Zara, their shoes were lovely and they did loads of lovely dresses so their summer stuff is bound to be lovely!


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Hi I went last month was lovely people are sooooo friendly and the restaurants serve really healthy foods (however everything has chips lol) shops are brill not that cheaper then uk i found x


Finally a size 12!
I was yeah was on lipotrim (which is like SS) was hard at times had to sit in a restaurant while my boyf ate ha ha ha ha i did have a salad once as i forgot my afternoon shake


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I went there about this time about 8 years ago, weather was lovely!
Festival Fairy- Ah, so it can be done huh? I dunno If I should go on a complete break or SS+?
Because I already know that on the 28th(Mum's Bday) Im having a day off!

Loopy- What time of the year did u go there? I was under the impression that it was cold there?

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