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Anyone considering surgery after weight loss


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Hi Just wondered if anyone on here has had or is thinking of cosmetic surgery. I am going for a consultation on monday to see about having a neck lift. I have always been conscious of my turkey neck(in the family) so thought why not. Usual responces from people are "don't know what you are worried about etc. While I would not say I am worried patricularly I do think I would like to have something done. My hubby says go ahead and find out. At the end of the day itsmy decision and I may change my mind. I just dont want to turn round in 5-6 years time and say I wish I had gone for it. How do you all feel about cosmetic surgery. Just be interested to know really.
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I don't have anything against cosmetic surgery at all and think if it's really what you want to do then go for it! I've often thought that if my bingo wings refuse to tone up enough i would definately have surgery done on them lol.

I only disagree with it when it gets to the point where women are having everything done and they end up looking unreal...theres nothing more scary that talking to someone whos eyebrows can't move, lol.

Like you say, theres no harm in having a consultation is there :) You might decide to go for it, you might not! But at least you did what you wanted and looked into it!x


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Hi matronix, I think if it is something you have been wanting for a while then at least go and have the consultation. This may help you to make the right decision for you. Good to hear your hubby is supporting you whatever your decision.

I do agree with louizekj I disagree with it when some women go too far, become addicted to surgery and look so unnatural.

Good luck and keep us posted on youtr decision x


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I'd love a tummy tuck and my boobs lifted, but I'm worried that I'd be just as fed up with the scars as I am with the sagging. I'm going to wait and see what this diet and exercise can do to my body shape before I contemplate surgery.


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I am having a consultation for a breast reduction on 20th! Can't wait! But I need to see if my health insurance will cover it....not sure I can afford €10,000 myself.


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I don't disagree with cosmetic surgery at all - aslong as people are aware that it can become an addiction and you can end up looking so much worse than before! (not saying your going to become addicted lol) But referring to those in the public eye that clearly have an obsession with it!

There is no harm in going for a consulation - its your body do what makes you feel good and happy about yourself :)

Me personally, i would quite like to have nice arms so i think having my bingo wings sorted after LT (if they need to be) would defo be an option and quite possibly my belly if i have excess skin - although i am hoping and praying that my skin just 'springs' back - hmmm lol

:D:D x


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I think this is a very personal choice. While I don't have anything against people doing this - my sister has had a face lift and a tummy tuck (athough if I'm honest the tummy tuck annoyed me because she's never had children - never been significantly overweight so I couldn't see she needed one - but hey ....up to her!)

Personally I couldn't put myself under the knife - more accurately - through having a general anaesthetic - unless it was an absolutley necessary procedure ..... but I accept I may just know/have seen too much of the possible consequences .... blame the nurse in me!

Good luck to those of you having something done! Make sure you let us all see the before and after photies!! x


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I'm not sure to be honest.

I definately think I am going to be left with loose skin over my tummy but nothing that magic pants won't fix.

It depends on the individual though. I'm happy enough with my body (apart from the size) and I think if something makes someone really unhappy then they should do something about it.

Looking forward to hearing about anyone that does have surgery though.


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There is another forum on here about surgery - have a goose :)


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Hiya, i would definately think about havin a tummy tuck and bingo wings sorted out i think, but the tummy tuck would have to be later on as i may decide to have more kids in which case i would end up with more stretch marks than i have now!!! :mad:
I agree with wot most of u have said, that if it is wot makes u happy or if u feel that it will increase ur confidence etc, then go for it!!!
Make sure u do ur research and get it done at a reputable place with a reputable surgeon which will help to minimise risks, although its worth remembering that any surgery, no matter how big or small carries with it, an element of risk!:eek:
Good luck and make sure that ur final decision is what u want and not other people xxx ;)


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Will let you all know how it goes tomorrow. Have chosed a consultant at BUPA who also works for NHS and he hascome recommended. Have a fweeling he may suggest a lower face lift which I don't want particularly, just want to see if he can do anything about the neck.So keep you all posted.
Will have a look at the other site about surgery. Cheers for that.

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