Anyone doing 790? Also Q for CDC

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  1. cee-cee

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    Lipotrim, moved to CD
    Think I've posted this before! But how fast is your weight loss. Mine is very slow ... and I had 3 shakes and a meal one day and I came out of ketosis. I'm back in now, but I'm worried that after starting on 450 cals a day (on LT) my body has got used to surviving on such a low amount, and I never will be able to eat again! (Had to stop the 450 cal because it was making me ill, really bad stomach aches, feel much better now that I am having v small meal a day, but really on less than 1000 cals a day, weight should still be rolling off, shouldn't it?)
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  3. emmadebra

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    I was wondering about this so glad you have posted it. I'm only on week 1 but was thinking of having the 2 shakes and 1 meal a day from prob week 3, as it is so hard.

  4. corioboria

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    Cambridge diet
    I'm doing fine on it - mind you I've started on 790 not coming back up from SS.
    I've probably had a bnit more than 790 calories as I used up what was in my fridge for my meals on week1 rather than stick exactly to the prescribed list of veg.

    But I've still lost 8 pounds in 8 days & I don't think that's bad.
  5. Dinosaur

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    I guess the speed of weight loss depends very much on your metabolism.

    I am ssing, but have a small AAMW meal 3 nights a week - due to family commitments, but I then don't do AAMW.

    So in reality I'm doing somehwere between SS and SS+.

    My losses haven't been great for the past 2 weeks(my fault), but prior to that they've been fine.

    Check your water intake, and portion sizes, and hang on in there. Your body needs a minimum of 1400 cals a day just to function(that's without walking anywhere, working etc.), any less than that and it uses it's reserves. Your body may be going through a bit of transition, holding onto some extra water, but you ARE burning fat, and if you keep hydrated the extra water weight will go.

    Don't worry, it will be fine:)
  6. Hedgehog

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    When you add a meal you still need to take all 3 packs to ensure you are getting all your nutrients and protect your body going into starvation mode.
  7. Hi,
    I'm doing 790. I restarted again last week and did a week of SS. It made me feel ill too. Feel so much happier on 790. We'll need to wait and see what this weeks losses will be but I've done 790 before and my losses average just over 3lbs a week so I think that's not too bad....nearly a stone a month. Give it time and see what it averages out at. I never lost 3lb every week. It'd maybe be something like 3lbs, 1lbs, 4lbs, 3lb. That sort of thing but it you count up what you lose over several weeks it should add up.
  8. cee-cee

    cee-cee Dizzy blonde

    Lipotrim, moved to CD
    Is this correct? It took me out of ketosis. I thought it would slow my weight loss down even more.
  9. carolyn01

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    Cambridge SS+/810
    Im on week three today and have started to have 2 shakes, 1 bar and a small meal in evening, just chicken (2oz) lettuce, cucumber and spring onion. I must say since I started this I feel so much better but I know Im really having to watch myself or I could eat whole pack of chicken. What worries me is when I go onto refeed will my weight shoot up because I feel im barely eating anything really.

    :) Week 1 lost 6 lb
    Week 2 lost 4 lb
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