Anyone doing ww online? I need points help!


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Sweetcorn usually has a points value (apart from baby corn that is), but I am just in the middle of doing my online tesco shop and I quite fancied order some corn on the cob. I found some tesco cobbettes (pack of 4 - half sizes) and the nutritional value 'per portion' says it contains 0 fat and 0 calories...this can't be right can it?

If anyone has the online calculator and could check it out for me I would be sooooo grateful!...or maybe someone's checked it out before?
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Marie, according to my book, a medium corn on the cob is 1 point


I want to be slim !!
i have one of those points calculaters from WW class and according to that 0 Kcal and 0 fat is 0 points..

Hope that helps