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Anyone else do this and know they shouldn't!!


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Well, I am ashamed of myself :mad:

I've munched my way through a huge bag of jelly beans today, I could not stop. I put them away several times and then got them out again five minutes later.

My head hurts, my cheeks are bright red and my tummy feels all funny - the sugar sure ain't good for me!

I daren't look at they syn value, it doesn't matter. 250g of pure sugar is a lot of syns.

Why do I not learn??? After all this time (2 years god damn it!) I should know better. Even while I was eating them (not even one at a time, a handful at a time) I knew I shouldn't be doing it. I am usually so good.

Anyone else lose it from time to time??

I'm such a bad bad girl. :copon:
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YES! Ive defo done that more often than I should!! :( I got such a sweet tooth - whenever I start eating sweets I eat the whole bag! Sweets are my real downfall - need to stay well clear of them - especially the big bags!!


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been there, done it & got the T-shirt in several different sizes now!!!

The only good thing is that at least we recognise we are doing it and we fix it sooner or later:)
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Hey ho! It's 1 hiccup chick. Nothing to cry about, you have done it now. Get on with picking yourself back up and getting back on track. We are only humans... nobody is perfect xx
I've a real sweet tooth so I just don't buy anything like that now...My children wish I would, but they are only have sweets once a week on a saturday. It has made real difference in their behaviour, they are so much more calm now.


Trying again!!!
Awww Jay, think most of us have been there, we are only human! The other night I munched my way through a bag of Cadburys mini eggs and thing was if I had had another bag in the house I would have ate them too! Best thing is to just get back on plan, good luck xx


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We all do it Jay. I had the worst week ever last week....I ate so much chocolate and sweeties, I'm suprised I din't morph into one!! As said above we are only human :) Put it behind you and move on

K xx


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For me it is the psychological thing of wanting to finish the lot.
I have had a box of freddos in the cupboard since Christmas and eat one occasionally when I feel like I want to. But I find it amazingly difficult to take just a 28g piece of my easter egg!!!


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I often eat sweet things until the point of feeling sick. Then I feel guilty - so eat some more - not sure what I think I am gaining! (other than fat!)


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With me it's luncheon meat or Spam! I just daredn't buy a tin or I eat the whole lot!:eek:


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I think we've all done this more than once! I'm really bad at it. If I start eating something sweet then I haven to finish it - certainly not one of these people that easter eggs left at christmas!
Thanks guys and gals!
I feel much better today, had a salad for tea last night and some fruit and no treats! Had breaky and then fruit and having chicken and salad for tea.
Damage limitation!!

Oh well, if I gain this week I deserve it, but I have a little bit to play with so it won't be too bad.

Thanks again, at least it's not just me!!


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so far i havent realy been too bad but its getting harder especially for sweet things im usually more of a savoury person but since starting sw all i can think about is chocolate theres a tin of quality st in the cupboard but i cant open it lol i would eat them all lol its only a matter of time


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I've been scoffing my way through all the Easter chocolate that I didn;t allow myself to eat last week.
I enjoy it while I'm eating it but then afterwards my mouth feel odd, as though it's 'furry'...urgh *lol*
Still got a few eggs to go, though, so no weight loss for me this week!

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