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Anyone gone from lipotrim/cd to WW??


Am currently on the lipotrim TFR and am thinking of coming off it and losing my last stone with ww... has anyone done this with success??

I'm worried as, the TFR calorie intake is so low that I might not lose anything on ww..

Thanks for any advice / experience you can share:)
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Proper Little Madam
Quite a few peeps on here have changed over from a VLCD to WW or SW and gone on to goal.
I am sure they will be along soon with advice.
Thanks a mil Gaynor for getting back to me!! Much appreciated!
Thanks so much for the replies, I've made my mind up and am going to switch to ww!!!
Will be back in a week or so after the refeed, looking forward to chatting with you all (feel like a traitor!!)

Thanks x
Hiya, I've just decided to changed from CD to WW too...It'll be interesting to see what week 1's weigh in is....It's so fab to have food though! I hope it works. I still have a long way to go. I think you'll be fine changing to ww with just a stone to go. I personally think it's a good idea to get used to normal eating again for the last bit. Good Luck xxx
Thanks Paula.. joined last night!! Will probably go up a few pounds though because I'm on the re-feed so must prepare myself for a few funny looks next week!!! lol!
Hope it's only temporary Starlight!!! Thanks!

Am doing grande Paula thanks, the last few days of the refeed are not as restricting so I can count the points as I go along and make sure I stay within range!!
Went out and bought myself a load of ww friendly food but can't start eating it until I'm done completely with the lipo - so am just teasing myself unnesecarily!!
I'm really looking forward to having a free reign on everything I eat (to an extent but you know what I mean!!)

How long have you been doing ww - do you enjoy it?
Thanks wannabe10! x
Hi I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO pleased to here this I have been worried sick the last few days as have managed to lose weight on CD but am going on holiday and when I come back I just wanted to return to the normality of weight watchers (Gem) it was so nice to read and you have inspired me that when I return from my hols (which I would have gained a good few pounds no doubt as not been eating) and then to come back and get to goal with ww. Will be back when I return, really good to read thank you x Tracy:rolleyes::rolleyes: (now happy - from being worried and miserable for the last two days xx)
Tracy - best of luck to ya!! Hope you enjoy your hols!!!

Went for weigh-in on Wednesday... I was 1/2 pound DOWN!! SHOCKED is an understatement - absolutely delighted.. was totally prepared to stand there and explain why I put on weight in my first week!! Thanks for all the replies.. hopefully the weight continues in this direction now!! :)
Hi - thanks hopefully I will - I am now wanting to join ww before i go......can you tell me the best way to go because I havent been eating at all just on ss with cd.......please help the best way to go.....thanks xx
Hiya - I was on TFR lipotrim so not 100% sure what the ss refeed involves... basically what I did was stick to the refeed rigidly - but made sure I also didn't go over my points!! (you can only really do it properly on days 4-7 as days 1-3 you wouldn't be eating enough to fill your point quota anyway)
I feel I've lost weight this week too and am now doing the ww full time.. (ie. without a lipotrim menu) - my weigh-in is tomorrow so will find out!
let me know how you get on and what you decide to do! - any questions just let me know x

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