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anyone got a xbox 360?


Carpe diem, baby!
I have one but I need to get the cable or doohicky to be able to play online...so no gamertag yet...will get the beau to help me as I am not into high techie things like this really...well I am but...
you mean the wireless bridge yea ive got that isnt as bad as what it sounds to set up just plug it in copy the security code of the bottom of your router and type that in to the console and away you go you really should get online :D trust me if you like playing games when you get online your life will be officially over lol and youll wonder where all your time has gone :D:D
hells teeth thats cool to find someone who still plays halo i used to be obsessed with it but not so much these days was a massive cod4 player aswel until recently ive been playing fable in small stints and am quite enjoying it has a real nice atmosphere to it am playing dead space aswel at the moment and it scares the crap out of me lol but ive never been a fan of horror games dont mind the movies tho are you online? whats your gamertag ill send you a freind request :D:D
lol thats cool yea deadspace is ace theres a movie to it aswel that sets the game up its called dead space downfall its a animation but is still pretty good is a bit of a anime but it sets the scene for the game my gamer tag anyhow is sam251 on xbox live if you send me a add :D:D
PS3 ftw..

My bfs friend had his 360 and ps3 set up beside each other.. he had then running at the same time.. 360 melted.. and ps3 was fine.. theres a moral to the story..

ps3 FTW

x x
im not gonna start this age old debate on here but theres pro's and cons to both consoles one of my bessie mates has ps3 wii and a 360 not to mention all the older consoles aswel (he's got more money than sense bless him lol) but he plays his 360 the most as it has the best games available for it and yes there are a lot of problems with the 360 at times but microsoft do give you a 3 year warrantee for no extra cost and will repair or replace for free of charge so its just really a individual choice on what format you prefer and what type of games you like a lot of xbox games are usually about some type of war and adult themed and cater for hard core gamers nintendo games are aimed at the young and family audience and sony is more middle of the road trying to do a bit of both :D:D
I have a gamertag but I rarely use it, lol.

I love Rockband, X Men Origins Wolverine, Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Left4Dead.


Gotta Make A Change
i got an xbox
fifa 09
ufc undisputed
ghost recon


Determined! I Can do this
I have xbox360 = o DaBuLLDoG o


Ps3 = DaBuLLDoG-uK

Playing alot of Colin Mcrea Dirt 2 at the moment on PS3, awaiting CoD: MW2