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Anyone got more than 10 stone to lose?

I so didn't want to be the one to write this post but I guess it's about time I was honest with myself. I need to lose at least 15 stone and plan to do this with LL. It seems a hell of a long way to go and I was wondering if there is anyone out there who has a lot of weight to lose. Maybe we can help each other? Or if you have managed to lose a large amount of weight with an abstinence diet it would be great to hear from you as all I keep hearing is negatives like 'ooh you shouldn't be doing a diet like that for too long' and 'you'll put it akk back on again with a diet like that'! My mum even told me that she heard about someone that died doing lighterlife-thanks mum! Just what I needed to hear!

I'm desperately in need of some positives. Can you help?

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Hey Ellie, I wanted to say I started my diet at 25st 5lbs so at the start of my journey, I had roughly the same as you to lose.
I think if you weigh up the risks to your health being morbidly obese to losing weight on a VLCD I know which I would choose and it would be the same answer every time. I have lost nearly 7 stone now, but have not been 100%, so it could have been much more but it is coming off and I am happy.

I have about ten to lose to. Frightening isnt it but at least you know you can do it on this diet and it wont take years like the other ones do.

So far I have lost 26 pounds in 4 weeks so really pleased. By now I have normally given up on the "other" diets because the weight just wasnt shifting or not fast enough.

I dont know what my target weight it I set my tracker to a healthy BMI but I dont know if I want to go that low so I will see how I get on. I have no intentions of stopping yet though.

I have heard to about someone that died but unless you know the full facts you cant say it was diet relaited. A lady from my slimming world class died but it was nothing to do with the diet. I keep hearing how i will put it all back when I give up.:blahblah: I just tell them yes I will if I eat the way I did before but I wont be going back to that way will I:argh:

Good luck you can do it and what have you, apart from the money, got to lose.:clap:
Hi Ellie

I am in wk3 of LL and to reach my goal of achieving a bmi in the healthy range I need to lose 16stone:eek:.

It is and sounds a huge amount, so I am not thinking of it in those terms. I have commited to 100 days of abstinence and I am taking each of those days 1 at a time. At the end of the first 100 days I will begin another and so on.

By my reckoning by the time that I have reached a healthy bmi, I will have had to find proper coping mechanisms, rather than using food and hopefully I will be able to build a healthy relationship with food as nutrition.

I will look out for your posts and we can help each other. You can be the belle of the ball at graduation :D

By the way, we are more likely to die from being overweight, than from trying to do something about it.

I was struggling with dealing with negative comments and my sister gave me some very good advice - remember that you are doing this for yourself, explain the mechanics to family, friends etc. and if they still can't be supportive tell them that you don't wish to discuss it with them.


has started again!!
Hi there everyone! I started LL in FEbruary with at least 10 stone to lose. So far I have lost just over 7, and I am still plodding on!

I have not been perfect, although I was much better in my first 100 days, than of late. :(

Remember when times get tough, use your LLC to the full, and pop onto Minis whenver you can, it really helps. It is both the easiest and the hardest diet you will ever do, but boy, those results are fab!! If someone had told me at the start of this year, I would be contemplating size 12 clothes, I would have laughed in thier face! But I am, and it feels fab! I can also run around after my children without gasping for breath and I feel physically better and far, far younger than I did before!

Good luck!!


Queen of the Damned
I was struggling with dealing with negative comments and my sister gave me some very good advice - remember that you are doing this for yourself, explain the mechanics to family, friends etc. and if they still can't be supportive tell them that you don't wish to discuss it with them.
Nice one from your sister :cool: She is so right!! Please feel free to pop over to the Century Club - all of us there have over 100 lbs to lose, so we're all in it for the long haul.

The more we can support each other, the better the results I say :)
Hi Ellie

I also have a lot of weight to loose, 12stone. I have been on diets nearly all my adult life, mainly weight watches and have always piled the weight back on and even more. I have lost 7 stone in the past but back on again it went.

This time I feel a sense of relief and excitement that at last I am going to succeed. I love the abstinence because as long as I dont cheat and break the abstinence I can stay strong. I know the moment I give in it will be like opening the flood gates and I might not be able to stop and there are no decisions to make, just what flavour soup or shake. So I am going to stick to the programme until I reach a healthy BMI then go into maintenance and take all the knowlege I have gained throughout the counselling to eat a sensible and healthy diet.

I feel I have learnt a lot in four weeks, I have even found the strength to help a work colleague battle her demons on LL when unexpectantly being faced with temptation at work (hot buttered toast).

I do have a billiant goal, my daughter and I are both doing LL as she is getting married in July next year and we both started with about 12stone to loose. We have both lost just over 2 stone in 4 weeks. So having a goal is really helping.

But like everyone else I am just taking one day at a time and am actually really inspired, especially with the website I love minimims, the support is amazing.

So good luck on your journey Ellie, we are in this together and we will succeed :happy096:
Hi Ellie

I want to lose at least 9.5 stone and possibly more - I don't really know until I get to my current target whether it will be low enough.

It is a radically different diet and I have had to face quite a few of those comments about it being dangerous or putting it all back on again afterwards. I tend to say "well thats what the counselling is for" so I am changing the way I think about food. I know I will always struggle with it but I really do think that this diet is the one that will succeed both now and long term and can already see how it is changing how I think in relation to food. It is a long haul but years shorter than trying to diet with one of the more conventional diet clubs.

Once people can really see how much you are losing the comments will become much more positive.

Sez is right - it is the easiest and the hardest diet you will ever do. Do yourself a favour and do not break abstinence. Sez and I both know that this is what can make it so hard. And don't bend the rules, its just the thin edge of the wedge!

Another suggestion is that you do the milk week every 12 weeks as recommended. I didn't and I think it would have done me good. On the long haul that we are both facing a week of slightly higher calories cant do any harm. People on here who have done it have said they have felt better as a result.

As others say too, carrying this much excess weight has to be bad for ones health, I really don't think a VLCD such as LL which has been operating for quite a long time now (is it 20 years?) can be more unhealthy than that! I have been doing this for 7 months now (although I did fall off the wagon over the summer holidays) and I feel great. People comment on how good my skin looks as well as how much weight I have lost and I haven't had a spot since I started the diet. I have loads more energy too. The only downside is that I seem to be more badtempered but I think this is because I am still learning to deal with my emotions without food.

Anyway Its a great thing you're doing and the results will speak for themselves, you will be proving all those doubting Thomas's wrong and looking fantastic in no time!
Phew I am pleased that I am not alone! I am the largest person in my LL group and was struggling with the fact that most of the people in my group will have reached their target in 100 days and I'm looking at a minimum of 300? But the plus side of this is that because I have so much to lose, I lose it twice as fast as those that don't have as far to go!!

What's the milk week. I didn't know about that on LL?

Good luck to you all on your respective weight loss jouneys.

Hope we can help each other.

I started with 11 stones to loose. I have lost just under 4 so far and am due to go into devlopers in 2 weeks. I am the biggest person in my group but dont mind that, even though i will miss them as they go on to management and the end of our 100 days.
In our group we have chosen not to do milk week as none of us can face it. Our counsellor is absolutely fine about this.
13 stones for me...

hopefully it won't be an unlucky amount.

Sat here at the end o my first day on the LL plan. Not feeling great physically but feel very positively mentally.

I can't wait to be slim again, just can't wait.