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Anyone had surgery whilst on LT??


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Hi all,

I had a minor op today under GA. I feel well. My daughter brought my shake in for me after the op and I had a peanut flapjack (not sure about them yet!!) for tea. The let me home early (prob cos I am a student and would know if I was in urinary retention).

I have my 2nd weigh in tomorrow and dont really expect to have lost much despite sticking to LT (except 350mls of wine on Friday night).

I am hoping the anaesthetic wont interfere with my hunger or lack of it.

The big problem is that they have told me to limit my fluid to 1 litre daily for about 3-5 days. Thats only 3 cups of tea (if you drink tea) but obviously they think I am getting other fluid from my food. I have also had kidney stones in the past and have been advised the under no circumstances should my fluid intake be under 2l, infact one Dr suggest a minimum of 3l. (Talk about conflicting advice!!)

Anyway I have decided the best bet is to monitor how much I drink and how much I pee.

Sorry for the long post, anyone else had surgery on LT??
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If you feel okay I'm sure you're fine ... if they think you're getting fluid from food then i would imagine it would be okay for you to have a little more than they've said.

I'm far more concerned about you drinking wine whilst on LT! Apart from not getting the results you could if you do it 100% It's positively DANGEROUS!! Please read the sticky on drinking!! x


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Here's the important bit ..

Alcohol is a powerful inhibitor of gluconeogenesis. In fact, it forces part of the gluconeogenic metabolic process into reverse. This means that if all the glucose in the blood is being derived from gluconeogenesis then the consumption of alcohol will inevitably cause the blood glucose level to fall. Worse still, the alcohol also stops ketone body production, thus leaving the brain entirely without fuel.
A person who is ketotic is 100% reliant on gluconeogenesis to maintain adequate levels of glucose in the blood. If, under these circumstances alcohol is taken, the person will become disorientated and might lose consciousness, not just from the alcohol, but from low blood sugar. Needless to say, this could be very dangerous, and even fatal.
Alcohol does not have these effects if the glycogen stores in the liver are normal. Under these circumstances the blood glucose level in the blood is maintained by the breakdown of liver glycogen, a process that is not influenced by alcohol. If a person becomes confused under these circumstances it is due simply to the pharmacological effects of the alcohol


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Hi Theresa,
glad to see you back on here after the op and glad you are feeling well. Good luck for the weigh in tomorrow. Sorry I have no advice on operations on LT but heed JanD's advice above in regard to alcohol.
Take care of yourself and look forward to you posting your weight loss tomorrow.


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Hey girls,

Yeah I saw the thread and actually posted on the thread afterwards. Lets just say never again. Got to say it was well watered down with 750mls of sparkling water, 3 bottles of water to 2 small glasses. Hubby insisted that he wasnt going to the pub and drinking alone. It WONT be happening again.

Got to say I love my water!! I drank at least 2-3litre pre-LT so cutting back on that would be awful. I've only had about 2 litres (+shakesx2) today and feel dehydrated, my lips are all dry and yucky! I just feel ifI keep monitoring my inpu/output then I will be aware if things look like they are going pear shape. I had a pelvic sling (TVT) for stress incontinence (6 kids and chronic cough!!) so I see what they mean about putting the bladder under pressure but I dont drink tea or coffee really.

That said I saved half my flapjack til I got home and made up a latte with a vanilla shake, it was much better than I remember from the 1st time!! Had the other half of the latte-shake before bed.... Yum!
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the anaesthetic wont interfere with hunger/ketosis. they may have advised you to limit fluid intake so your bladder doesnt over distend until the tapes have settled in. I think if you piddle little and often you should be ok tho. all the best x


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Thanks etheral,

Limited my fluid as much as possible today but as someone who drank a minimum of 3 litres pre-LT its hard. Will be just under 3 litres with shakes today so thats about the minimum I can manage. Still thirsty but not unbearably so. Glad I managed to continue through the last 2 days though, I knew they would be a bit of a challenge but in the end it wasnt too bad. Now to get well enough to start walking properly again!


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Hi Theresa
I havent had an op, but am due one early July and been told I cant be on LT if going in for op! I am seeing the consultant next week to find out if it is ok to continue on the diet. Mine is a minor op to under GA but I dont see why i need to be eating???
Were you given any advice before the op?
Just wondering.
Hope you are feeling ok and recovering well.
hi well my pharmisist told me that my op would knock me out ov ketois but hey think ov the results the wk after it will b at trying wk but will kickstart u on the negative side i was all preped ready to go i didnt tell them about lt coz didnt think it was necessary as ur not aloud to eat b4 op well my blood pressure was so low as i hadnt had my coffee or water intake which we all know keeps us goin in lt because ive never had the ketois energy thing lol n bedcause my blood pressure didnt go up after 6hrs then i had to tell them bout lt n they refused to do it till i had eaten for 4 wks but thats me and mine was only a minor gl with urs im sure every1s different while on lt !!!x


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Thanks Loulou
My pharmacist didnt want to commit as she didnt want to give me the wrong info. Said to find out from my consultant. My op is fairly minor, although still with GA so I think I will ask them when I go for the pre op consultantation next week.

Thanks though for telling ur experience.


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I had a Transobturator tape (TOT) otherwise known as Trans vaginal tapping (TVT) to support my pelvic floor. 6 kids and a chronic cough have killed my pelvic floor and I had stress incontinence.

I didnt mentio to anyone in the hospital that I was on LT. They took a FBC and screen plus urine. I'd hope that if there was a prob they'd have picked it up then.

I had to stay the night before for starvation purposesso ensured I had my last shake at 10pm and drank water until midnight. I went down at 9am and was in theatre by 10am. I admit to not being the best patient (I work in the hospital and find it embarrassing) and the consultant allowed me to go home at 6pm after I had passed urine. I have to keep a close eye on how much I drink and urinate so I am not putting pressure on the tapes.

My daughters bought in my shake at 2pm I think and I ate a bit of a peanut flapjack before going home.

My BP was low but not lower than I have seen it after labour so there was no real panic. I do think drinking a good litre just before midnight helped with that.

I wasnt given an general advice prior to surgery, I did my own research based on the effects of anaesthetics on women of low weight and those with prolonged periods of starvation. They never asked me about my general diet, just about medication I was currently on. I didnt volunteer the information that I was on LT..


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Thanks Theresa
In my mind I dont want to tell them either as I have never felt fitter!!! More often than not you have to starve before you go for an op, so I dont see it being a problem.
I am tended not to say anything as I really really dont want to come off and refeed...just dont feel I am ready for that. I am too focussed on getting to my goal.
MMM..I might just tell the pharmacy that I am ok to continue :) A wee white lie wont hurt - eh! I am the best person to know my body and if I think I am not coping, then at that point I may have a bit of chicken....
Thanks again, that was really helpful. I am having a D&C and polyps removed from my uterus, so not major, major surgery....had worse in the past.


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Just be organised enough to have water on standby. Will you be in over night?? The hardest thing is getting shakes to you and avoiding eating 'normal food' tbh. They brought me a dinner about 1.30pm which I couldnt have eaten even if I wasnt on LT. The shake was icy cold and soothing. Pre-LT I'd have sent my daught to McD's for a shake!!

Only you know your body. They should be doing pre-op bloods so if you are deficient in anything that would cause anomalies; irregular potassium and sodium levels can cause heart arrythmias which is a main prob with GA. My bp is always inmy boots but as I had a home birth last time round they didnt have that record but took my word for it!

I will say though, I felt fighting fit Tueday afternoon; they were amazed I was walking around and even going to the study rom through sheer boredom. I had a dinner prepared for the family for that night so I put it together. Wednesday I did very little but still made the family tea and lunches. Thursday (yesterday) was my 4yo graduation from creche (LOL). I found it hard to sit on the chairs but felt otherwise fine. I got home about 5pm, prepared the dinner, came down to the bedroom to look in on here and next thing I know its 8pm and I was propped mid-reply!! Kids thought it was very funny!

Slept like a baby from about midnight last night until midday today...

So, I'd say between the GA and ketosis you'll be even more exhausted than you ever were on LT.

Incidentally I used the ketostix and havent been out of ketosis over this period at all!


Life is not a Rehersal!
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Hi Theresa6
I am in and out the same day. Should be out by 7pm so should be ok. I will take water with me, thanks for that!
I will see how I feel as to whether I will refeed or say something to them. dont want to but keep thinking maybe I should, just in case. Oh, why cant life be simple!!
I hope you recover really quickly..from what you say, you seem to be doing really well, pleased about that.

Thanks again for your experience and just to know how you are doing is great.

Take care and I will keep you posted.

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