Anyone heard of this lol...skinny water


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ONLY 1.49 a bottle!

Product details for Skinny Water from bio synergy.
Bio-synergy Skinny Water, is the first in the world to be fortified with l-carnitine and chromium. A low-calorie water, enhanced with a unique combination of ingredients to help support healthy weight loss.

Skinny Water contains selected essential nutrients, which combine the benefits of hydration with vitamins, minerals, and clinically tested natural ingredients that help support weight management.

- Perfect when on-the-go.

- Convenient and great tasting, with hint of pomegranate.

- Less than 10k/cal per bottle and no added sugar.
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Tazzi... they sell it in Holland and barrett in the uk... so you can nip there and get it.

I haven't tried it.. but the name made me laugh... like water is fattening :8855::8855: