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Anyone here been on a TFR diet like Lipotrim or CD?


One last chance
I have just come of CD. Do you mean what food you can eat on CD or what food do you eat when moving to SW, just to clarify:)


One last chance
Everything, because they encourage you to eat as much as you want, it makes me wonder how your weight won't go up from being on a TFR and a diet like slimming world.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
I came off CD and went straight on SW (it was an absolute pleasure to eat again I can tell you!). I followed and still do the Red and Green days. In my first week, I gained 5lbs and then stayed the same in my second week....my third week, I lost 7lbs, so I was really happy with that!

Does that help?


One last chance
Oh most definately, wow, that it really good :)

What did you eat? if you don't me asking, if you can't remember don't worry about it :D
I too followed cd, now moved to sw as needed to feel human again haha

I found the move easy, but haven;t (until yesterday) over eaten if that makes sence

I follow red/green day

typically, hexa and hexb for breakfast, super free foods up till lunch then what ever day I am on so green jacket pot and beans with cheese (hexa)

super free food till tea, pasta, hm sauce with chicken (hexb)

I reckon I am more EE but can;t understand it yet haha

I also have my syns around 7-10 a day

I lost 4lb in my first week on sw
I think it depends on what plan you were on when you move across. It seems within a few weeks you will be losing again. I think everyone just jumped into the SW diet and ate everything they say you can bread, potatoes, fruit e.c.t
i came off lp and cd i was using my lt shakes up whist on the cambridge diet so a bit of a mix i just came off it as i couldnt take much more of the none eatting i ate normal for a week and what i wanted which i did gain 4lb but i didnt do the refeed so i wasnt bothered i then hit slimming world the following week coming up to my 3rd week the first week i lost 5 lb and second i lost 1lb and a half which i am happy with to be honest i dont stop eatting i write my food diarys in here so you are welcome to have a nose. hope everyones info has helped you a bit xxx

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