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Anyone here use a Brita filter?

I can only drink bottled water but my husband drink around 3litres a day using the brita filter we change our around every 5 weeks he can taste when it needs doing if that makes sense ... so we seem to get a bit more out of ours i also filter water for the kettle with it so atleast 4 litres a day !
I bet the binmen love you on recycling day, with all those empty bottles lol!

Mind, the Makro mail just landed on the mat and the 500ml bottles of Strathmore are under £3 for 24, so will be heading down there on Wednesday I think ;) I drank plenty of the sparkling water even before the diet...

I see what you mean about the taste, I guess the normal, unfiltered tapwater taste will come through once the cartridge is ready for changing...


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I use one of these, drink 4 litres a day and change the filter about once every 5 weeks I think. The supermarkets seem to do quite a lot of offers on the filters so stock up when you see them!
I change mine around once a month-but that's for my water,a ll coffee/tea/baby's bottles/kids drinks...so loads and loads.I do buy bottled water as well as I don't like to keep refilling the same bottles too often.
My bin men think i must bath in the stuff !! ( bottled water ) but i only buy the cheap stuff £0.15-20p bottles from the supermarket for 2 litres taste great chilled,
Yes i think it’s the tap water taste i have never been able to drink tap water in kent i am a London girl i think London water must of had so many chemicals ect that Kentish water taste to pure ... so i stick to the bottle lol
we get our replacements from argos about £20 for 6 months worth
I use bottled water too as it is sooo cheap and our tap water is very chlorinated..

Remember if you use a water filter, you need to drink the jug load quickly or keep it refrigerated, as the filer removes all the stuff to stop the bugs growing in the water.



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Mine has a little scale on the top of the lid which says when the filter needs changing, but it is around once a month.


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I find we get about 5 weeks out of each filter. It makes the tap water taste so good - so I notice when it needs changed, irrespective of the timer on the lid. I keep it in the fridge so we always have chilled water to use. It is constantly being refilled so we definitely get our money's worth :D

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