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Anyone in Germany?

Iam just over the German border in Switzerland :) I found the online calculator a god send and found yogurt that was free and syns for certain things, took me a while through! I cant believe you have a group over there!!! , where abouts are you? We are in Baden

day 1 - joined sw online, 9/3/11,5 stone to loose
Thanks for you tips, i am finding the online calculator a god send too, we are an army family so there are lots of brits here, but i am not a great socialiser and my group is ok but a tad clickey and as yet i'm not sure about it. We are in Paderborn. I am finding the green days the easiest so far, making soups and curries to keep in the fridge or freezer for when i have a lazy planning day.

Good luck :)


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Hi ya

Eeeeeh, I remember Paderborn well. Did not like our quarter there at all.
If the online syn calculator does not come up with any sense and you need some translation support, I am happy to help.
If you shop in Aldi or Lidl, their own products are identical internationally and you will find the values in the syn lists,
Jill x
Hi there

Im in Germany too -and an army wife :D
At least we have the advantage of access to the naafi -although I try and avoid it because of the costs :eek: and I really like German produce...
I do SW on line -although they have recently opened a group here too (typical) -but like you , Im not that much bothered with socialising (god that sounds awful doesn't it :p)
My hubby spent most of his career in Padderborne before we got together and he loved it... we are in Bielefeld...
good luck with the weight loss....
Thank you ladies, I do use Naafi, but it's costing me a bomb atm, so looking for good alternatives, i have done a bit of SW before but always on my own and thought going to the group would give me the jolt i need. It's still early days, w2 weigh in tomorrow, i am feeling great but the weekends are the killer!

Hexe, i do indeed use Lidl but not so much Aldi, i'll remember to check the syns for those.

Capricorn, I know Bielefeld well, was there for 3 years. You are doing very well on your losses, whats your secret?

Yay for wives of!!!
Oh cool!, I used to live in Germany in RAF bruggen b4 it was took over by the army, I used to go to jhq for the high school, Iam a scaly brat lol

day 1 - joined sw online, 9/3/11,5 stone to loose


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Oh cool!, I used to live in Germany in RAF bruggen b4 it was took over by the army, I used to go to jhq for the high school, Iam a scaly brat lol

day 1 - joined sw online, 9/3/11,5 stone to loose
Hi ya, hun
happy slimming :)
I like Bruggen, always wanted a posting there - never happened. :cry:
Have a nice day,
Jill x
Thanks for the info Jill on lidl and aldi as I never thought about that!
Bruggen was lovely, loved the 3 yrs we had there as teenagers and wanted to go back again with my hubby but that didn't happen either :(

day 1 - joined sw online, 9/3/11,5 stone to loose
You too Hun, yes I did it for 4 months while in the Uk last summer, lost 2 stone in that time, so hoping to loose double that this time!

day 1 - joined sw online, 9/3/11,5 stone to loose
Hi, i'm in Elmpt (formally Bruggen), I get most of my shopping from Lidl. The Linessa cottage cheese is free, Quark that has magerstuf written on is free and optiwell yogurts are free. Too much stuff to list, but there are a few basics. If you use the syn calculator here are the translations if you need them: Brennwert - caolories, Kohlhydrate - carbs, Eiwess - protein and fett - fat. hope this helps. xxx
Thank you Adele, i'm getting there, although you can get most things the same as UK, it's the odd things i miss that are taken for granted, knowing that in UK, Tesco or Asda stock almost everything! Any ideas if you can get fat free greek yogurt anywhere (in UK Total 0%), i use quark, and natural yoghurt, but would the creamier greek yogurt.
Hi, i'm glad your managing to find your way around everything, if you have Real close to you they stock the total 0%, there is always only a few on the shelf (fridge section) so you really have to look for them. xxx;)
Thanks, ours is the other side of town, but it might be worth a trip. I've lived in Germany on and off for years but not always had to shop for SW. Thing is i miss Germany more when i'm away than i ever miss the Uk apart from doing a big ole Tescos/Adsa shop!
I'm not in German but I AM German living in the UK. If you need any shopping tips let me know...man, SW should really be introduced to Germany!! It's a revelation!!!
hi i live in munich and would like to start sw. but how can i find out syns for example maultaschen. doesnt make sense that 2 maultaschen are 11 syns when its pasta and one is 2 ww points!! grusse
Yeah but Maultaschen contain a filling..the problem with some filled pasta is, that you can't use the 20 calories/1 syn rule as the pasta itself counts as free food.

My best advice is either to do an online membership..you can then access their calculater which takes into account free food allowance when you put in the nutritional info or every time you have a typical German food you can post the nutritional info here in the syns category and hope that someone who has access to that calculator replies ..

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