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Anyone know about gallstones


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Mine was at the top of my tummy, just under my breast line, it felt like a tight band and was really painful. Being sick sometimes relieved the pain :( If you suspect you could be having gall problems, please get checked to be sure...I don't want to scare but mine burst and I was very poorly and in hosp for a long time :(


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Meant to say I could not pin-point exactly where the pain was on my own, it felt like a tight painful band across the top of my tum. Its almost like very tight, painful crampy pains :(
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I havent had it (yet) but I know its really bad because it runs in my family. My grandmother, mother and sister have all had it and my sister required morphine for the pain sometimes, i think she felt it in her lower right abdomen, but possibly other areas too. It also caused heartburn at night


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Yes, exactly as SummerRain describes above, plus it felt like a very heavy pain to me. So, so painful. Quite intense as well - like trapped wind! Had my gall bladder removed when I was 18 years old after having had gallstones since I was 15! Bit young I know, but all the females in both sides of my family have had them, so I think they were hereditary in my case.

Hope you're not getting them :(


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Right Mrs, GET TO THE DOCS.....! :) xx
It can be a gall stone attack, where its blocking the outlet but bile can get through but builds up sometimes hence the on off pain....back to the gp...ps its very painful at times xx


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Please get back to your GP honey. Last time I did a VLCD after 2 months of totally sticking to it I had horrendous pain with fever and was really unwell. Turned out to be an infected gall bladder and I should have been admitted to hospital but the nurse in me refused to go. It was so painful and quite scary. Please get checked out as these are a risk with VLCD's. Take care and I hope you are on the mend xx


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I have to agree with ladygaga go to ur gp asap, gall stones are known to be a side effect of TFR's. It's best to nip it in the bud soon as x
Sandy i would go back to the docs hun. I had gallstones and it was wrongly diagnosed as gastroenteritis so many times. I suffered it for almost 3 years on and off until it got to the point i was having attacks every night lasting hours. A simple ultrasound will tell them if it is gallstones and a keyhole op fixes it. I had my gallbladder removed in september 2009 and have not had a single attack since.

Oh and the pain, for me when it first started it was a sharp really sore pain in the top of my stomach between breastbone, more at the right side and sometimes made my back really sore. More common for an attack to happen at night as well....and being sick relieves the pain a bit.

Dont let it get too bad hun.....its really easy mis diagnosed (probably to save the nhs money they will put it down to other things before suggesting ultrasounds etc). Also just to note, because mine was left so long i now have osoephageal reflux which i'll probably have for life now....because i was sick so many times during the time i had gallstones that its damaged my osoephagus (spelling?). If you dont want surgery or whatever there is a simple tablet (nexium or lansoprazole) that really help to reduce the attacks. Worth asking about

Gallstones are VERY common in people who have lost a lot of weight in a short period of time....

Let us know how u get on xxx
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i have gall stones hurts in the middle of my chest but starts under my right breast towards the side bloody well hurts then theres the indigestion :( they can spread and cause pain else where so hard to pin point ?

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