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anyone made the carbonara from new magazine


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No i havent made it yet but I did see a post of here saying that they made it and just replaced the ham for bacon and it seems to work ok.

Let us know what it tastes like! :)


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I did yesterday, and it was absolutely scrumptious :)

Mine was only for one so i only used a bit of quark and one egg. I think possibly using bacon instead of ham would make it yummier :)


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I have and it was ruddy gorgeous. My family of 5 loved it (and I used bacon not ham btw). I used to make it using a recipe I found on here, but the new one is far superior!!!


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I agree absolutely lovely, but as usual i made a few changes I added lots of chopped mushrooms, and used half bacon and half ham.

Hubby loved it too and next time I am going to add some fresh grated parmesan cheese as some syns.



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I must be going blind. I just looked in my June/July issue and my August/September issue and I can't see this Spaghetti Carbonara anywhere!

Can any one tell me which issue and what page it's on? Thanks!


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Page 21 Aug/sept issue.:)

Mrs Harley

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Havent seen the new book yet :( still waiting for my daughter to send it to me, but have been making SW carbonara for (what seems like) ages.... i tend to use turkey rashers instead of bacon or ham (bacon here is soooo fatty) but it is lush
Looks like a really good recipe. The only thing I would do differently is that I would cut the ham into thin strips, rather than the chunks in the picture, but that is just my taste.

Also, be careful that the heat is not too high and the pan is not too hot when you add the quark and egg mixture. Obviously you need some heat to cook the eggs, but not too much or the quark will curdle.

And I agree with Derbynanny - freshly grated Parmesan (not the stuff in tubs, but freshly grated from a block) would be perfect with this. You can have 28g as an A choice, and that's loads. Or a level tablespoon (which would probably be enough) is only 1.5 syns.


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Is the recipe online as well? I don't get the magazines

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