Anyone on the 1200 plan experience ummm .. flatulence?


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I know this is a personal question, but Im curious to know if anyone else who has done or is doing the 1200 plan has experienced extreme flatulence :confused: I have been on 1200 for 3 days now, and I swear I could kill a man 6 feet away with just the smell :eek: I am eating low GI breads, that are obviously high in fibre, so it is making my tummy full of hot gas, and well, we all know the only way to relieve that is to get it out. Also, my bowel movements have been extremely rank as well :eek: :eek: . This is so embarrassing, I do take P. Husks, have been for months now, so dont know if that is not combining well with the high-fibre intake I now have!!!

Oh the joys of being on this crazy a** diet and journey. I thought that maybe it was the opposite, so when I went shopping I bought some All-Bran and plan to have a teaspoon with every meal, Im now reconsidering that, as I dont want to blow a hole the size of Calcutta into Essex!!

Any advice? The gas pains in my tummy are bloomin monstrous.


Thought it was windy in Essex today:D

I would stop the husks now as you should be getting plenty of fibre from your diet.

Perhaps the two things just don't mix.:confused:
It's sound like a bit too much fermentation going on:eek:

I would agree with Linda, a little bit too much fibre.:rolleyes: