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Anyone suffering worse PMS since losing weight?

Just what is says on the tin. I'm getting around two weeks of feeling totally sh*te, just wanting to bawl my eyes out, noting seeing the point in anything. Really snappy and feeling like life is just hopeless.
(can you tell I have it at the mo?)
Can't continue like this - feel like I'm losing my mind, not my bum. Any tips or empathy or valium? Anyone?
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Are you eating enough calcium (HEXA's)?

Are you eating enough of all the right things and not just eating to lose? Not eating enough totally f*ks you up :(
Sympathy is all I can offer, but I offer it in abundance.
Not much help, but I noticed my pms improved since losing weight, less bloating and extreme fatigue
Thanks everyone - just felt like I've been cracking up. Was two weeks last month, the same this month. Maybe just one of those things - very emotional and a bit stressed over something, so maybe that's it. Having loads of calcium, but maybe too much salt. Will def get the vit B and evening primrose out - would there be syns in that?!
Thanks - just needed a moan xxxx


Fluffy lil flutterby :)
I've been really down the last 2 months when its totm....never thought it could have been to do with the weight loss....

maybe its the fact that im not trying to drown my sorrows with a tub of ben and jerrys :p
my moods improved tbh i was a nightmare before, id try the primrose for a bit :D see how you get on, and i exercise i do zumba on a wednesday night and body blaster in the water on a thursday night this has helped me ! especially for my moods :D
When mine was really bad I used to take lots of B vitamins, it supposed to help, make sure you are sleeping enough, part of my problem was that I'd get a weird insomnia (no tiredness at all) for a week before and then feel wiped the two weeks after!


Slow and steady...
I'm awful, I found myself nearly in tears in sainsburys the other day because they didn't have any courgettes......

I just save my syns for malteasers (9.5) and use the traditional method of comfort :D

I ended up getting it so bad that for a full 10 days I would be at rock bottom and it would take another 10 days to recover so each month I was only normal for 10 days. I was miserable and went to the dr. It took a while but I was diagnosed with PPMD and the dr was quite blunt that the only cure was pregnacy!! We did shift my pill cycle to me only taking a break every 9 weeks which within the first couple of months really helped me and I managed to drop down to a 6 week pill cycle and now back on 3 weeks with a break. Just my experince of it but it was horrific before then and now while not exactly fantastic there are some months where I have none!!
I had a hysterectomy last year as my PMS and pain and heavy periods were down to one huge fibroid!

Still get a bit of PMS but now I'm taking B vitamin supplements it's better
Great to hear all the replies- thanks! It did improve when I started losing weight, but the last 3 months it's been two weeks/10 days of despair and anger.
I think I posted ages ago that my mum's been having hot flushes again since losing a stone. Talked to my friend, a science teacher, who told me that you store oestrogen in your fat stores, so losing can mess things up in your cycle. I'm exercising like a demon, but not sticking to plan, so eating better is obviously key!
I take B vitamins every morning and iron twice a day.

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