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Anyone tried Mung bean and fuku bean pasta?

Hi all, I have been searching everywhere for those shirataki noodles everywhere but they are soled out. Went into a Chinese supermarket and they told me to try Mung bean pasta, fuku pasta and sweet potato pasta. Has any one tried them and does anyone know if they are allowed whilst doing atkins. Its meant to be the same as shiriataki noodles which has no calories or carbs. Is this true?????
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I found this

Portion Food Item Tot Carbs (g)Fiber (g)Net Carbs (g) Fat (g) Protein (g) Calories
0.5 cup Mung Bean Sprouts, canned 1.3 0.5 0.8 0 0.9 7
0.5 cup Mung Bean Sprouts, cooked 2.6 0.5 2.1 0.1 1.3 13
0.5 cup Mung Bean Sprouts, raw 3.1 0.9 2.2 0.1 1.6 16
0.5 cup Mung Bean Sprouts, stir-fried 6.6 1.2 5.4 0.1 2.7 31
0.5 cup Mung Beans, boiled 19.4 7.7 11.7 0.4 7.1 106
0.5 cup Mungo Beans, boiled 18.5 6.5 12 0.6 7.6 106
0.5 cup Navy Beans, boiled 24 5.8 18.2 0.5 7.9 129
Thanks that's helpful
Sweet potato pasta surely has more carbs than we would like?

I use Dreamfields pasta. 5g net carbs per serving.

You can buy this, or shiritake noodles, online.


Both are Aladdin's Caves full of low carb grub!
I thought so! Those shirataki noodles are sold out everywhere! Even on lowcarbmegastore, dnt no where else to get them. Any ideas?
Roseb, I don't know where you are located but you can get the Shirataki noodles in most Chinatown stores, I buy them here in Birmingham.


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Jim - Im really tempted to try these noodles but cannot get around here or on the internet!!!! :(
Make sure they are the correct ones Vicky, there is a variety made from Tofu and they are not nice.

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