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Helloo, on my 2nd day of the 3 day diet and feeling pretty ill (sick & headache) :cry:think it might be caffeine withdrawal as can't drink tea/coffee without milk.
Has anyone else tried it??
Didn't think it would be too bad just for 3 days but am struggling a bit. Would love to modify it slightly but don't think it would work the same.
Have promised myself I will stick to it but can't say I am enjoying it at all.
Someone my Sister works with lost stones on this so it is proof it works.

If anyone has tried it would love to hear from you.:D
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Is this the one where you're meant to lose 10lbs in 3 days, the one dubbed the british heart foundation diet?

If it is, I did that before, and yes I did lose the weight [I think 8lbs, and 7lbs, in two weeks] but I didnt half feel rough for the three days that I was dieting... I didnt feel it was too healthy for me to be brutally honest.

If it's making you feel bad, maybe calorie counting would be better, to allow you to have the tea with milk?
Hi Jen, I couldn't continue as threw up this morning (think it was the thought of hot dogs with cauliflower)!! Had tomatoe soup for lunch and a sweet potatoe with low fat beef curry for tea.
It never tasted so good!
Have decided to just cut down (try and leave the biscuits alone) and increase my exercise. My Husband has been telling me for years to do this instead of 'dieting' and I have to concede, for once he is right!! x
Good plan, I think that sounds like a better idea.

Though,lets not tell the fella he was right ;-)

I have decided to start calorie counting, 100%, properly, right from scratch, and that is it now. No more "plans" no more "fads"... Calorie counting is for me I think!

Good luck lulu :) x
funny you should say this, i literally went and bourght the ingredients for this diet last night...should have read this first! I might give it a shot anyway, i'm currently calorie counting but hoping this 3 day thing may give me a 'boost' (well not an energy one i know that!). Im doing it from Monday so will let you know how I get on. I did do it about 6 years ago and I remember it being tough! x
Can someone give me more info on the menu plan for this diet?

Unless you're looking for some really quick weight loss as psychological boosting introduction to a more long term diet, I really can't see the point of a diet lasting 3 days (unless you're an athlete needing to drop to a certain weight class), you aren't going to lose any significant amount of fat in that time anyway.

In 3 days, most people wont even lose 3 lbs of actual fat. Most of the weight loss would be coming from water/glycogen depletion. But you can mimic them effects with pretty much any no/low carb diet, eg. Atkins induction.

Maybe I just don't know enough about the purpose for this diet, though.
Hi All Thought your insights into the three day diet were really interesting I have just finished my first full day of this diet and when I weighed this morning had a real shock I have already lost 5 pounds in weight I did this diet 5 yrs ago and only lost 7 pounds a week but I was 2 stone lighter then so does it go the more over weight I am the faster the weight comes off ? No headaches but drinking a lot more than usual ? many thanks Killa:)
What is the 3 day diet? What do you eat? Not eat?
It is supposedly a 'chemical reaction' diet that makes you burn extra pounds. There is a strict menu plan which is also sometimes known as the 'british heart foundation' diet although it has nothing to do with them?! which is a little bit odd, but for example breakfast on the first day is black coffee, half a grapefruit and 1 piece of toast for peanut butter. Yeah i guess that sounds ok but its the cottage cheese for lunch, dry tuna and beetroot later on in the diet that gets me. I couldn't do it this time round i felt awful after the first day to be honest. You can pick the menu up from the net if you search for the british heart 3 day diet. You do lose a silly amount of weight in 3 days but the minute you so much as sniff a piece of bread the day after, you've put it back on! God knows why I though i'd try this diet again, it seems silly now I'm writing this! calorie counting all the way for me! xxx
Hiya I did this diet last year it was nasty nothing went together at all my friend at the time swore by it and said "oh yeah I do every other week" but for me I felt poorly and when I completed it I ate a small bowl of salad with 2 rivitas trying to keep healthy but I ended up putting 2lbs back on just by eating that. Every one is different though so I hope it works for you chick just think 1 day to go so thumbs up and good luck xxx
thanks for info
To be honest, the only way you lose weight is through the massive calorie restriction. Don't do it, you'll only feel ill and/or put the weight back on, just cut back instead! xxx p.s. have a look at my diary, thankyouplease! :eek:) good luck!
Did this diet a few times and definately works but agree with the rest. The minute you start eating normally again the weight comes back on and some! Great idea, if you have a wedding to go to or a big party at the weekend but otherwise not ideal. Enjoyed a lot of the food i have to say as i love tuna, egg, ice cream etc but was quite hungry on it and gagging for food i knew i couldnt have. Am doing WW since last week and hope to stick to that, however im due to go home (Ireland) at Christmas time so i MAY try it the week before to give myself a little boost. Anyway, i think ultimately that 'Slow and steady wins the race' Good luck x
Completed my forst day of this today and I feel so weak because I'm starving. I have been fine all day with not a single hunger pang until now. I've weighed myself and haven't lose a thing as of yet so fingers crossed for the morning weigh in.
The 3 day diet is known as the chemical diet and there is also a 7 day diet, I started the 7 day diet and lost 7lbs in a week! It is very hard and i too felt very weak and had no energy, i was constantly thirsty.
I decieded to continue as im so desperate to loose weight for xmas, however its day 5 of week 2 and i haven't loss a bean?! i have followed it as i did last week and iv struggled at times so i am now abit down that its not worked? Saying that i have my period so i don't know if that makes a difference?
Good luck everyone with their weight loss.
just wondering if its because it is not intended to be done consecutively - maybe this is why theres no weight loss in the 2nd week? just a thought... most people tend to do it for a few days and then have a break and then do it again, whereas others just do for special ocassions to fit into that party dress. i do think you have to be careful as maybe your body is tricked into losing the weight for the first 3 or 7 days and then realises you are restricting it and therefore it stores as much as possible so harder to lose if followed for more than 3 or 7 days? anyway good luck and i think i might give it a go soon x


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I did a 48hr diet a while ago not sure if its the same kind of thing. I started on a friday evening and finished on Sunday evening and I lost 2lbs over this weekend. I suppose it was a good head start when you want to see results quickly.

This is the one I did:-

Start the diet the night before the 48-hour period. – Loose up to 5lb in 2 days!!

The night before: Dinner
- Raw, cold salad of Rocket, walnuts, grated carrot, grated red and white cabbage, 1tbsp sweetcorn, 1tbsp peas and salad greens. Serve with 1tbsp vinaigrette or Caesar dressing.
- 30g bowl of All-Bran, topped with 3 prunes, stoned, 2 sliced dried apricots, half an apple, grated, 6 grapes and 6 sliced strawberries. Serve with as much skimmed (1%) milk as you like.
- Drink 2 glasses of water, slowly.

Day one: Breakfast
- Pot of plain bio yogurt
- 1 egg, scrambled with a little skimmed milk
- Coffee
- Milky coffee with skimmed milk (e.g. latte, cappuccino)

- Water x 2 (500ml total)

- Small pot of cottage cheese
- Small pot of plain bio yogurt with 1tsp honey
- Water x 2

- Water x 2
- Same as first night

- water x 2

Day two: Breakfast
- 2 eggs, scrambled
- Milky coffee with skimmed milk
- Pot of plain bio yogurt
- Water x 2

- Small fillet of poached salmon, cold, with green-leaf (Rocket) salad
- 2tbsp plain fromage frais

- Water x 2
- Water x 2
- Same as first night

- Water x 2
I dont believe for a second 'someone' that someones sister knows lost stones on this. funny how noone actually knows the person concerned its always 'someone' its the kind of diet thats been circulating for years... youre basically starving yourself, theres no nutrients or anything in it. Doing it will just make you ill, I bet if you do lose anything itll go back on the moment you start eating properly.

I wouldnt entertain any of these 'fad' diets for a second, youre better following a sensible structured HEALTHY plan


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I did it for six weeks and lost a lot of weight, well you do 3 weeks on, 1 week off, so I did it for 2 months but only 6 weeks of actual diet... it made me really really ill, after I finished the first two months I ate half a bar of galaxy (small bar not the big ones) within 20mins I was doubled over and spent the next 2 hours on the toilet... any food high in fat had the same affect, as did any rich or creamy food. My doctor said it was as if the diet had given me IBS. I still suffer now, 3 years after I did the diet.

So be careful! I also felt really rough while on the diet, I think anything which makes you feel so bad, cant be good for you.

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