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Anyone tried veg water flavouring?


loving life
Hi all, was wondering if anyone has tried the veg water flavouring. I am thinking of getting some on monday when I see my cdc for when I'm craving a savoury taste in the evening.

I'm hoping it's the equivalent of a bovril or a veg cuppa soup etc. If anyone has tried it and can let me know what it's like I would very much appreciate it as my cdc charges £6 for a tub and I don't want to waste the money if it's gross. Thanks. Zoe xx
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loving life
Will that be nobody then :sigh:
Hi Zoe, I was hoping you got a reply cus I was wondering about it to. xx Louie.

You might have noticed my ticker has changed, my CDC advised me to take it in stages, so I changed it to a more a achievable target. The weight I was at 25 instead of the weight I was at 19. I think after all these years of being so big I will still feel slim.:rolleyes:
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Will that be nobody then :sigh:
I replied on your other thread about this... didn't I ????? or am I losing the plot.....off to check



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Yep you did Debz-Thank you Zoe xx


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Hi Zoe,

I am only on Day 3 - so can't try it yet! I would be really interested to know how you get on with it........... I much prefer plain water, so don't think I will be trying the other ones - but I would be interested in this one!!



loving life
Hi Lady B, I'm the same I can get on with plain water in the day but just fancy a savoury hot drink in the evening. Will let you know how it goes. Zoe xx
I posted on another thread about this about 5 minutes ago LOL.Try marigold bouillon-it's exactly the same but a lot cheaper :)


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I really like the veg water flavouring - I often have it in the middle of the afternoon when I'm getting vaguely hungry, it just takes off those pangs.

I sprinkle it with herbs and curry powder usually, and occasionally mix in a few baco soya chips. I also put a scoop into the more boring soups (e.g. mushroom) to liven them up a bit!

My CDC says I'm the only one of her dieters who actually orders veg water flavouring - seems weird to me as I much prefer it to the over-sweet fruit ones! :confused:


loving life
Hi all. well I bought the marigold veg water flav from Tesco''s as suggested by Polishrose and it's lovely. It's like having a Veg cuppa soup. Zoe xx
must admit im a fan of the veg boulllion marigold stuff too - but my CDC is great about it - as she says to me, if it works for you then stick at it! :)

I also put chilli flakes in the "veg soup" pack to add a little flavour... think iv been lucky as it hasnt affected weightloss or ketosis... :)


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
Jaycey!!Did I just see you mention a non legal food???:eek:
Was that the Baco soya chips? :eek: I stopped having them on SS but started them again on SS+ (only a few!) and again now I'm on 810. I perhaps might not have done had I not found an old posting on here by a CDC, saying that she sprinkled them in her food on 810 (or 790 as it was then). So I'm thinking, if it's good enough for her then it's good enough for me, lol! :D They are so lovely, and so low in calories and carbs, that I can't believe they make that much of a difference to weight loss (unlike to taste!).

I'll make a new posting about them on the CD main forum, and go into more detail there.
I'd never heard of them till you mentioned them.I'm lucky in that I like all the flavours :)Well, apart from the spicy tomato :D
I'm wondering about marigold too. I always use it for cooking but I bought the CD one which is lovely but mine cost £6.60. Are you sure you can use Marigold?

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