Anyone tried Weight Watchers Dessert Whip? (Like angel delight)


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i didnt like them, i found they had a nasty after taste, but then thats me


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I found them very powdery, I didn't like the jellies either....


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I tried the instant whip took one mouthful and threw the rest in the bin. Was very disappointed as it tasted very artificial to me.


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bought one of these yesterday and going to try it tonight. How many syns do they have? Thanks, Suzanne


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They are yuk. You can taste the artificial sweetener in them and they are 2 servings per sachet. Waaaaaaay too small and not worth the Syns


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I got some of these from Lidl - from my mums face when tasting them I'll leave them at the back of the cupboard for desperate times


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They're not TOO bad!

If i want some comfort food, I make a satchet of sugar free jelly, pop the WW mix on top, maybe add a few sprinkles, and strawberries or mixed fruits, and hey presto a low-syn trifle!