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Anyone using Tesco's diets???

Blimey, i've just looked at this site and it looks FABULOUS!! Didn't want to put my card details in though so not sure how good it really is, but you can choose which diet plan to follow (GI, atkins, mediterranean etc etc) and then it works out your plan for you i guess???

Anyone using it please let me know... this may be good for maintenance for me....
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Cheers Karen

Thanks for that, Dizzy is doing well on her maintenance isn't she and her food menu's always make me drool!!

I'm looking forward to eating again i tell ya... but want/need it to be very controlled still!!
Yeah shes doing fab!! If she doesnt see this then maybe pm her later on and ask her to post!!

I think I'm gonna finish off the 4 weeks of CD stuff I have and then look into ediets properly....I cant be dealing with this whole thing of jumping on and off the SS wagon!
Are you going to go up to 790 and 1000 before you start ediets? The thought of going straight from SS onto a normal diet scares me to death!!

I'm going to a) get to goal b) do the 3 month LL management program and c) maintain with tesco ediets

... hope it comes to fruition!!
I think I will have to yeah....the thought of proper eating scares me big time too!!

I dont think I'll ever get to bluddy goal the rate I am going at now!
Yeah course you'll get to goal darling - 37lbs ain't that much!! I know it feels impossible at the moment but that's because you're not on a long term plan (ie only 4weeks left of CD).

Once you settle on a diet you will feel differently, i'm sure..
If you do the questionnare with the tesco ediets they send you lots of handy tips/mails by email. I must get at least 2-3 each week if not more . Been getting them for months and they also send you lots of offers ie extra club card points as a temptation to join up. Might be an idea to register your interest now as the offer seem to get better the longer you wait to join.

It does sound tempting that they do your plan and do shopping list etc

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