Anyone watch 40 stone woman last night?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by SARAHP, 6 March 2007 Social URL.


    SARAHP Silver Member

    Did anyone watch this last night?? I thought it was pretty scary stuff. I know she was originally very large at 40 stone the amount of excess skin she had to have removed was horrific!! I felt so much for her when she stood in her pants only and had skin everywhere just hanging. This is my dread, I know my health will be better with weight loss but if I still looked horrific underneath I would be mortified. After watching her having her skin rotting after she had her thighs done I dont think I could ever put myself through the surgery as Im such a scardy cat!! Sarahxx.
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  3. chicksy

    chicksy Full Member

    Was it the woman from america whos sister died and she adopted her nephew?
  4. I saw that! It upset me a bit. Losing this weight is such a positive thing but if I'm left with skin like that, I'd be very upset. I know she's lost 30stone and thats an enormous amount to lose but I'm planning on losing 10stone and although it won't be as bad as hers, I'm scared of sagging skin too!!

    I really felt for the woman. I don't think she felt much better than she did when she was big.

    SARAHP Silver Member

    Yes it was the american as you said. Know what you mean TM I have between 8-9 stone to loose depending on where I feel best at and it scares to death that I might go through all this and still not be happy at the end of it if left with tons of skin.
  6. chicksy

    chicksy Full Member

    Yes I saw it a couple of weeks back. Something that was meant to be so positive turned into quite a depressing thing for her. It was so sad when she came over here to have some more surgery and they turned her down. But I know what you mean about the rotting thighs that was enough to put me off too!!
  7. Having said all that though, I've lost a stone and a half of that already - 8 stone left to lose, and My legs are certainly looking better than they did so hopefully that will continue - Might need a tummy tuck though!
  8. chicksy

    chicksy Full Member

    You and me both! Maybe when I next have a baby I will ask them to do a little tuck when they stitch me up lol!!

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