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Anyone watching bbc 3 the big fat truth about low fat food?

Well it seems to be to see the effect of eating processed foods that market themselves as being healthy for you
Watching it just now!

So glad sw doesn't do ready meals. I know loads of people tho who would rather do ww as they seem to hink ww is about just taking a ww meal, adding up the points and that's that!
So what was the conclusion of the programme then???:eek:

When i'm shattered after work and hubby has made dinner, normally out of the freezer, then i stick to a ww meal as they're quite low in syns. :rolleyes:
Well the girl doing it basically felt pretty rubbish on it and put on 3lb


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Apparently alot of the foods/meals replace fat with sugar/salt. The other thing was diet drinks. The aspartame fools the brain into thinking it's going to get a load of energy, but because it isn't sugar you tend to eat more to get the energy. They had 2 rugby teams who could drink as much coke as they wanted before a buffet.(i team on ordinary, 1 on diet) The ones on diet coke ate an extra 142 cals each.
Obviously if you only do the occasional meal/ drink it won't harm, but I had colleagues who lived on ww meals and diet coke.
Basically for 1 month she had to live off low fat ready meals and low fat packet foods.

What I found interesting was she was much more hungry on the low fat food the nutritionist said they were lacking in the good fats too which help you feel full. The meals were full of sugar/salt and certain unsavoury chemical mixes too.

Her brain wasnt working very well she kept forgetting things as well.

It was really good to watch Im glad I dont bother with ready meals.

After she suffered for a month she had put on 3lb.:eek:

SW far better healthier in every way.
I think the title was a bit misleading-to me low fat food is the SW food i cook myself, not something i bung in a microwave. It was more about processed food IMO, a lot of the additives etc they were talking about would apply to processed food in general. The salt/sugar levels was more low fat related.

I think it wouldve been interesting if they had had somebody else eating low fat home cooked food alongside her as a comparison.
yes it would have been interesting to compare it with someone cooking fresh food s/w way she ate all processed meals, snack-a-jacks etc was quite interesting :)
If nothing else, it made me feel much better about my binging & guilt cycles when I was trying to lose weight before & had a lot of microwave meals & snack-a-jacks etc. Lol.
I tried 2 weeks a few years ago eating only ww foods I didn't lose any weight and felt so Ill

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