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Anyone watching SuperSkinny Me: Race to size 00?



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SuperskinnyMe: The Race to Size Double Zero!

Superskinny Me: The Race to Size Double Zero follows two journalists – Kate Spicer and Louise Burke – as they go on a no-holds-barred journey into the world of extreme dieting, exposing the dangers to both mind and body.
Channel 4 Superskinny Me: The Race to Size Double Zero

It is on at 9 pm

Superskinny Me from Channel4.com
ive just posted a thread about that ha ha ha, ive got it on now watching the rest of wife swap. what weirdo's
Thanks for the reminder Mini.

To be honest though this will be the third program I've watched like this in the last few months, first one a reporter tried to slim herself down to a size Zero, then Louise Rednapp a few weeks ago, and now this,,,what are the TV execs up to,,,,

How come they not getting volunteers to Superfat Me; The Race to Size X-Large me,,,,

I wonder why these girls put themselves through this, is it a secret desire they have....so they get to do it in the name of research????

Will i be watching, blooming right I will LOL... ;)


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Thanks - missed the beginning but watching now!!


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Well I've half watched it whilst I was doing something else:rolleyes: What a load of rubbish that programme was. I think the Louise Rednap one was better.

This one was unbelievable. I think the producers were trying to show how bad it is to try to get down to such a small size, but it was such a load of rubbish.

The girls lost 1 stone each in a month I think. One of them went down supposedly went from a dress size 12 to a UK size 2:confused: Really? For a stone loss?:confused:

From what I can see, they were on 800 calories, then moved up to 1200 calories.

Also (though I might be wrong), they seemed to insinuate that 1200 calories was a ridiculously low amount of calories to go down to:confused:

One of the girls was referred to a psychiatrist having gone from a normal eating pattern to an apparent 'eating disorder' after following that diet for 3 weeks. Okay..dieting may cause eating disorders...but 3 weeks of it for a TV programme:confused:

Every bit I managed to catch made me sigh:sigh:

Did anyone else feel this way and what were they trying to prove? 1200 calories a day wasn't enough and you can end up loony doing it?
Watching this RIGHT now and finding it quite alarming!
I don't think this is very responsible viewing.......

I watched this and found myself thinking that others might try to do the 'size 12 to size 4 in five weeks' thing. Getting into jeans intended for a six year old is not a good or beneficial thing!

They did say so in the programme - quite strongly - but impressionable peeps who long to be superskinny will probs ignore the 'it's just not healthy' conclusions.


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It seemed quite a badly put together idea for one of these shows.

Also- very bad message I thought when one of them had a party thrown to "celebrate" the achievement of being size 00.

The other clearly had major food problems to start with and still had at the end- as a former journalist I felt very bad for her that she'd agreed to this as an experiment for her employers- if I were her, I'd sue them for putting her in a dodgy psychological position.

Uncomfortable viewing- and I was going to stop, but did want to see the outcome- especially whether the psychiatrist's prediction she'd become bulimic would occur. And sure enough she'd thrown up twice. No job's worth that!

(mind it did remind me of my problems readjusting to normal food at the end of CD first time round)
i think a program is a right laugh myself?

i not even going to bother!

i think it crazy not very good!

sorry just saying what i thought lol!
It just made me mad that they group all diets that are low cal as Dangerous. Since doing this so many people think the cambridge is just another one of the bad diets. Oh well I enjoyed the tip of raising the tongue in photos to prevent the double chin - but I don't have one anymore thanks to the Cambridge!
I have a suspicion that anyone on the brink of an eating disorder will be pushed over the edge by this type of programme.I think that any message about the perils involved in this type of venture will be lost on these vulnerable individuals and they will only see the "benefits"

Seriously think the one who didnt complete it looks so ill!! Do wonder whether she managed to get back to "normal"....quite worrying really & neither looked any better skinny! Give me a size 12 any day!


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Both girls had never dieted before and the older journalist developed the signs of an eating disorder very early on as her body was probably in shock from this awful lifestyle!! Her body just wasn't used to dieting and yo-yo dieting but sadly those of us who have dieted know that this is the vicious circle you end up in. And it plays havoc with your body especially your heart. :(

A disturbing programme but I'm glad I watched it.


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S: 18st2lb C: 15st7lb G: 12st2lb Loss: 2st9lb(14.57%)
Also- very bad message I thought when one of them had a party thrown to "celebrate" the achievement of being size 00.
This part of the programme I found very strange as it seemed like a celebration she was able to get into a size 00 jeans and the other journalist having failed was no where to be seen.

So what kind of message was that sending out at the end of the day...:confused: :sigh:

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