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Anyone who craves or binges on cereal or cereal bars .........

............. do you find it better doing extra easy ?

I've always thought that green is better for me as I can have more HA's and HB's. But I can seriously OD on HB's and do think that it seriously hampers my attempts to stay on plan. So I've tried an extra easy day today and feeling much better (ok I know its just 1 day, but this is a pretty big deal for me right now!).

Anyone else feel like this too ???
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MMmmm cereal bars, i used to eat whole packs of these everyday before sw and find ee helps in my addiction as i try to save them for evenings on days i really want them x i appreciate them and savour the taste more and find one or 2 of them are more than enough x


Serial Foodie!
i definitely find i dont really think about or need extra HEs on EE. maybe its because you dont get limited carbs or proteins? i like EE :)


rainbows holiday buddy :)
just thought of a nice cereal type pudding.

sliced bananas, 2 crumbled alpen lights (B) and a sachet of WW instant custard (4.5 syns) poured over the top! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Its a good job im snowed in Allie or i would be in tesco right now clearing them out of golden grahams ha best cereal ever!!

But yeah i love EE but struggle with the cereal thing coz i like a bowl for supper but cant miss my morning bowl so thats HEX gone boo hoo think i need to just get over it :cry:
Wow I am so glad there are people just like me with a 'thing' about cereal!! I will be re-reading all the posts again later, to make myself feel better - he he thanks :)

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