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Appetite completely gone


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I started like that when i was in a strong state of ketosis...i really wish I could get back there!! Don't knock it, just enjoy not being hungry and force down that last pack! Otherwise you'll be missing vitamins and minerals that keep you healthy xx
I did that once and only lost 1lb :-( your body needs all three shakes so force it down or try a different flavour maybe it's the soup you've gone off! I used to have mushroom soup for my last shake all the time and I just couldn't stomach it after a while! Xx


please try again
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maybe split your packs into 6 small meals if you cant manage a full pack

i never manage a full shake in the 15 minute time frame as it sets off my reflux half way thru and i feel incredibly full ( ive no idea how i managed to have large 3 course meals when a shake is too much for me, lol

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Try a bar instead or a tetra pack as that goes really quick.
I am on day 11 and my hunger comes and goes every day. I have stayed on plan. When I do feel hungry I ask myself "Is this really hunger" or is it becuase I am watching TV.
I look forward to when my hunger goes away.


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hhhmmm i think after day 5 of being 100% shakes, then i feel the reduced appitite. but then again as already suggested, i have tetras ad bars. i tend to eat half a bar at a time (unless its caramel - then i snuffle it down like they are being discontinued - oh wait - they are!!! lol)

however, when dong ss+ with food, then i found real hunger. i guess it was because having food in me made my tummy not shrink as much. who knows. just a theory

bb x
I'm exactly the same, once I'm in ketosis I'm not hungry, its more my mind saying I want to eat something all the time. Like the others say though stick with the 3 shakes, you need to calories and other goodness in them as a complete package. Try tetras if you are not already, that's all I have now, easy and quick to drink, I tend to think "well that's that done then" with the last one lol xx

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