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Appetite Suppressor

yes there is appetite suppressents out there that you can get from your GP. i think the only one you can get frm GP now is called REDUCTIL. there was also ACOMPLIA but that has been taken off the market because of the side effects it was giving. I was on ACOMPLIA and i thought it was great but they withdrawl it :(. i have tried reductil . it is ok but i found i couldnt fall asleep easy and kept sweating all the time. there is also something called phentermine that is also a appetite suppresent but you cant get that from GP as it has bad side ffects and speeds up the heart. hope this has helped you :)
you can get reductil from your GP. tat is a appetite suppressant. they did have ACOMPLIA but that has been withdrawn from the market.
I saw one advertised recently, think it was called appesat. I have never tried it though, so can't recommend it. I think you can get it over the counter.

Good luck xx
If you can't stop eating then you have unresolved over eating issues with food, when you come off an appetite suppressant you'll just go back to stuffing your face without really knowing why. You can buy books to help you with this and is the cheaper option. There are no quick fixes!
try taking reductil and xenical together. thats really good and weight loss is quite quick


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Can you take both xenical and reductil together? Will your dr let you
Appesat which you can buy from Goldshield the distributors online, or I have bought it in Boots, is really fantastic. Expensive, but it genuinely does work. You must phone their helpline if you are taking other medications, as although it is a natural substance, it might interfere with other meds you take.


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I am pretty certain that Xenical and Reductil shouldn't be taken together. My doctor told me a few years ago that they weren't approved to be used together but I suppose that might have changed.

I didn't find Reductil much use. Ketones are supposed to suppress appetite and I certainly haven't had any problems since being on a 500 kcal diet when I did on my previous 1500 kcal, but higher carb diet.

Everyone's body is probably different though.
I have a filter coffee if I feel the urge to eat unneccesarily. Coffee does suppress ones appetite. Worth a try.
thanks everyone since ive been on i joined a gym and it seems to be helping me cause i am able to say no to food :) wohoo thanks for everyones comments

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