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Apple shapes and those dreaded baby bellies!


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Hi all,

Just wanted to ask those of you that have done really well and shifted those pounds that were an apple shape with a baby belly, there has to be more out there than me lol!

I carry most of my weight round my middle and still have a baby belly (my youngest is now 3 :sigh:!) I did have my three kids is quick sucession tho which probably didn't help matters!! It's just as I'm losing weight I swear my belly is getting bigger, honestly looks like I'm pregnant again :grumble:! I think the fact is it's not getting bigger, but I'm losing weight from other places, seems to be off my sides and hips, so making my belly look bigger, grrr!

So I wanted to know, were you're 'baby bellies' last to go and were they hard to shift? I currently use the rowing machine every other day, so hope this will help tone my stomach (if I have one under there lol!) up! Any other tips will be appreicated!!!

Cheers x
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Hey I sympathise though I don't have a baby belly I have as my room mate calls it - a take a way and booze belly! I have been trying to lose weight for sometime and it never leaves my tum but goes from every where else. I assume in the end it will go from the tum but hey that could be wishful thinking.
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Ha lol, mine is probably not just a baby belly, but a chocolate one too :ashamed0005: Just hope it'll start to go, not ever hoping to have a flat stomach (never had one of those!) but just going a bit would be good! Just have to plod on and hope for the best lol!


taking it 1 day at a time
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I can empathise with that. I seem to carry most of my excess weight on my belly and love handles. I'm only around 1st above goal but haven't noticed my belly shrinking at all. Get's very depressing having to wear tops that are longer and don't cling. I really hoped to be able to wear shorter/tighter tops as my weight went down but I don't see that happening. Wonder if I can get up the courage for a tummy tuck?

Her's hoping a miracle happens over the next stone!
Whilst I seem to be from a family of appleshapes anyway, I don't think my excessive booze and junk food consumption over the years has helped. My belly is slowly disappearing, but it's hard work. You can't just spot reduce areas of your body. Cardio and full body weights seems to be working for me-not slendertone machines or hundreds of crunches a day.
I put the weight on around my tum too, and have hardly noticed it go down, other people have noticed more though, I think I have problems perseaving myself anyway, I was at my goal weight back in 2007 but I think to be honest I lost a bit of weight off my bum, because the skirt I used to wear was loose on me falling around my hips, now its a bit tight and I'm only 6 pounds away from goal :p, they always say the stomache is last to come off anyway :p.


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Oooohhhhh the baby belly is the worst!!! Mine has finally shrunk, but now I am left with an attractive saggy pouch, ha. Beats looking pregnant though, which I feel I did until recently!

We are probably just too hard on ourselves though to be honest!!!!


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if you are a male, then do a few weight lifting exercises to pump out your chest.

my belly is starting to get bigger and bigger, but because i worked out on my chest when i was younger, it makes it look like i have a flat stomach (from a distance)...

but yeah, you belly will start to you if you carry on with your regime. because i heard when you loose fat, it looses it from all areas of your body - so you just have to stick with it.

im a male, i know this shouldnt concern me...but my arse is starting to get biig as well lol and i dont like it...thankfully my exams will be over soon and i can start my cardio, and weight lifting regime. im not too fussed about diet, although slimming world sounds intresting and i will check it out.
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hi Knoviktz, LOl.......thanks for the laugh because of you my day as been brighten to know that man don't want a big bum. But you could tone that up with all the excersice you are doing, so keep it up, and you will soon have a sexy bum.....LOL...........
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Ha yes it's very refreshing to learn that men are concerned about big bums and tums too!! Sounds like you'll soon be on the way to a sexy bum with that exercise tho Kon!!


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S: 12st13lb C: 10st3lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 23.1 Loss: 2st10lb(20.99%)
lol i knew it was going to be a bad idea admitting the issue of my bum.

im not homo, but i really did enjoy wearing tight cloths before to show of my figure. (dam that does not very masculine).
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Ah don't worry Kon, us ladies love a sexy bum in tight jeans ;)
hi Stirky7. I have joined up to the GMTV bikini diet, it starts tomorrow they are going to have special exercises for each body shape. I am also an apple so hope some of the exercises will zap me into shape.
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Yes I've seen that, was thinking of having a look and joining up, think I might have to!

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