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Are Oxo's really free

Ok when I did sw before I thought they were one syn each
so I checked in my book (the one with mix to max and success express in) that said 1.5
so I thought I have an up to date food directory so looked in there one syn
a friend offered to check on line for me (as I dont go to class) and said there were free
when did this happen
so happy as my was synned sheppards pie I have just made is now syn free - roll on tomorrow when I get to eat it :)
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Strutting her stuff
Yes they're free! SW reconsidered the syn values of stock a few months ago, which is great news. The problem with the books is that they're only really accurate at the time they are written and as syn values can and do change, they will become out-of-date.
Only this Thursday our consultant told us that stock cubes are now free. SW have decided to make them free because no-one is going to overload their total syns by eating loads of oxo cubes in one go.
thank you so much

I have just noticed how much weight you have lost
that is fantastic
do you mind me asking if it was all at slimming world - so many questions I would like to ask you - off to see if you have a diary


Strutting her stuff
Oh, thank you :eek:
I lost all my weight on the SW plan over an 11 month period. So I'm proof it does work but it was before I joined here so no online diary I'm afraid. No secrets either - just following the plan to the letter. Happy to answer any question though, as are all the SW devotees around here!

Oops, seem to have added a thumbs down and now can't get rid of it. Not sure how that happened but didn't mean it!

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