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Are people jealous?

Has anyone else found that people don't seem to congratulate you when you have a big weight loss. When I did other diets and lost a pound or two, then put on etc they were over the top with the congrats.

One of my colleagues at work asked how I got on and when I said 9 and 3/4 lb she just said - "oh"!!

They are all quick to warn how "dangerous" it is to lose weight quick and how "you will put it all back on" Well if they hadn't noticed I have put it back on whatever I have done. This time will be different.

My legs will not be chafing when I go abroad this year and I will be happy to see the photos when I get back and oh forgot - I will loosen the buckle on the seat belt on the aeroplane.


Sorry that was a moan - but don't people get you mad?

BTW - my HB told me last night he could tell already even after two weeks - aaww xx
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I have had the fortune that all my work colleagues are really supportive. I told all my work colleagues exactly what I was going, and I was confident in telling them because I wasn't going to let them think I am ashamed to do a diet such as this, as in a more non conventional method of weight loss.

My mates and work mates have all been supportive. I had one person who thought it would be nice to try and put me down saying that i will quickly put the weight back on but I put her back in her place.

Who are you doing this diet for? You are doing this diet for you and you alone. You are not doing the diet for their benefit, and you are not looking for their approval. They are not incharge of your body and they are not trained nutrition experts they are people who just dont like people to lose weight to improve themselves incase they provide some sort of competition, all jealous people if you ask me.

You are doing this diet for you, you have your reasons, and to be honest I would not give a flying fig about what anyone else says about the diet. They are not in control of your life you are, you will do what YOU need to do and let people have their opinions, just nod and move on doing your own stuff.
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~claps~ well said ant. Nothing i could really add to what Ant said hun. But yes people get me mad when they say things like oh its not healthy to lose weight that fast or you will put it all back on when you start eating. Grr very annoying. You are doing great hun well done <3 xxxx

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Ya I've got an entire masters course full of sly yokes! Smiles to my face and very obvious digs after that with one major culprit :p I just think awww that's so sad, you're so jealous you're making yourself miserable...now go sit in the corner and eat your humble pie!

Haha now there's my lil rant :)
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Yes they are, or sometimes grudging in their support, so this time round I am not telling anyone anything and when folk start to notice, I won't get into any yadayada about it.


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Well i actually experienced this last night, a girl i work asked how my weight loss was going, she then said oh yes i can tell by your face, she made a comment to a women who i have a lift with and evrything she said was negative, like,
shes loosing it to quick
itll all go back on again
well shes gonna have a shock wen i keep it off, yes ant i agree it is jealousy, but the sad thig i found is a so called friend couldnt say it to me it had to be said to someone else, who was making a constructive opinion. anyhow i feel better if shes doesnt :)


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Jealousness, and green eyed monsters, lol. Pretty childish isn't it? But ppl can be like that, when they know nothing about anything, lol and they couldn't do a diet like this maybe!!

I'm lucky I have a colleague who is doing the Lighter Life and is open about this.. So I came out too :). Ppl do laugh when I say, i'm getting my lunch and sit there with my tetra, I ask them not to touch it, as i won't share it with anyone :). Just make a joke of it and they see the humour in it then.

Above all, nothing suprises me with ppl now days, you are doing well and let that be your voice and ignore the "Oh"'s..

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Yes!! I totally agree, my slim friend asked how much i have lost and when i told her 1stone 5 pounds in 5 weeks- she said of well only 6 pounds of that is fat and the rest is muscle that you've lost ! WTF?? Excuse my language, but this was supposed to be my best friend. I'm feeling so hurt :( I think she likes me as her 'fat friend' only.


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I think this diet scares ppl a little. Your friend obviously doesn't understand that her words are hurtful, i'm sure if you told her they were, she'd be so apologetic and wouldn't say it again. Your loss is good and thats what you need to know. You are doing this diet for you and you alone, not for the bunch of ppl who are too ignorant to find out more about it.. So rest assured Tracy P, us CD's are with you all the way :) xx


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Hi - I wanted to post, because so much of this rings true for me. I am easily a size 18, but I carry my weight well because of my height and the fact that I am still relatively fit - it's one of the reaons I was able to stay in denial about my weight and what it would do long term to my health for so long. When I first dieted on LL, the number of people who said "you don't even need to lose it" and "god you look awful/drawn/haggard/too skinny" when the first couple of stones came off made it hard to focus on what I was doing this for, and why I wanted to follow a VLCD plan.
I think you have to find a way to remember the confidence you have in your weight loss, and remind yourself of the real reasons, which only you know and you can understand, as to why you choose this way to lose weight. Whether that's post-it notes on your computer, pictures or phrases in your diary or round the house - it's YOUR WAY and your choice.
I soon discovered who my real friends were on a VLCD - I am sure that now I am on CD, I will find out again! Friendly concern is a good thing - it gives you the opportunity to educate people about your diet choices. They might not agree, but real friends will be supportive and positive, whatever the situation. Keep going, Slim Inside - and congratulations on everything you are doing - and losing! - on your journey!:rainbow:


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I've stopped talking to anyone but my best friend about CD because I'm sick of all the negative comments I've been getting this time round. People seem to think because I've only got 2st to go this time that I should be following a "sensible" diet, not a dangerous one like CD lol. It was okay for me to do it when I was massive but not now.

If anyone asks now I just say I'd rather not talk about it. I feel a bit rude, but not as rude as I would be if they started slagging the diet off. Sometimes people still want to talk about it even after I've said no. Very irritating. People need to keep their mean mouths shut! How would they feel if we said 'you're too thin, you look haggard' to them?
It's very disheartening when people dont acknowledge your big weightlosses. The fact is, they do notice but they decide to ignore it - probably down to jealousy - but also they think it may bring up the whole 'weight' convo, which 9 times out of 10 they don't want to get into!

Besides, who needs compliments, as long as you feel better in yourself and can see those digits going down on the scales! x
it has amazed me how few compliments I have had about my weight loss at work.... (i work with loads of women) even though similar to others in the past when I have lost a couple of pound the compliments flood in. & this is even with people not knowing i am on CD! How odd. Im not overly bothered as I dont want to draw attention to my weight loss, i just find it weird that folk pretend not to notice when its impossible not to!! I cant put it down to anything but jealousy im afraid! But it has started to make me smile a bit, especially when someone suggested the other day i did slimming word 'like they are' why would i need to ive got just another stone to lose and have clearly lost weight in the last few months without difficulty!
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To be honest I've not told anyone (well apart from everyone on Minimins) what my losses are; just find it easier to keep the information to myself.

Hubby has told me that I look slimmer and when I was in work today and yesterday 2 people commented that I'd lost weight so that was good ---- but in work they don't know about me doing this and they just think I'm eating healthily/cutting out junk.
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Some people do not like change....its as simple as that

Could not even be about 'weight' at all...but the fact your no longer in a certain category in their heads..pure and simple.

F**k em :D

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