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Are red kidney beans 'free'?

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by krupskaya, 9 July 2010 Social URL.

  1. krupskaya

    krupskaya Gold Member

    Hi all, just a quick query...
    I made a big chilli with loads of veg, quorn and red kidney beans. Are the red kidney beans free or do I have to syn them?

    ta for your help,

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  3. Carthago delenda est

    Carthago delenda est Silver Member

    Yes, they are free on EE and Green days - and they are also a speed food! Enjoy!
  4. krupskaya

    krupskaya Gold Member

    Yay! Thankyou Carthago! I'm gonna tuck in now...

  5. sarahm85

    sarahm85 Silver Member

    Beans and pulses and free on Green/Extra Easy and can be counted as a HEb on Red (check your books for the measurements!).

    The other night I made the 3 bean chilli from one of the more recent SW mags and it was delicious. Totally free on Green/EE and the recipe made a huge batch so enough for the next day's lunches!
  6. krupskaya

    krupskaya Gold Member

    Thankyou Sarah. I'm following the green plan as I'm a veggie so good to know their free. I made enough to feed an army too!


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