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Are the Atkins chocolate bars ok to eat every day?


Alway see the love x
I have a bar that lasts me 2/3 days. I have a nibble now and then unlike b4 Atkins. Would sit and have plenty choccy on my lap munchin away while watching telly. Half the time I would eat it with out really remembering ive done it. Auto hand to mouth, scoff. tut tut.

BUT When its the totm, I eat what I want!! No1 dare take it off me, white knuckle the choccy because ITS MINE!! ITS MINE I TELL YOU!!!!

Can you tell I due totm: O /

Woofy X
I have an atkins bar almost every morning for breakfast, little man gets me up at about 6.30 and I just cannot face/be bothered with savory things at that time.

These are the ones I have -

I do also sometimes (although try not to) have another later in day, normally a chocolately one.

They do stall some people, the only way to know if they affect you is to try and then cut them out again if they do.

As I said the other day though, I would rather have them, lose slower and stay sane than be without and spend my days miserable because I want sweet things lol.

Ps. The boots wafers and toffees are very nice too. xx


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Thanks both :)

I'll keep having them then.
Also they'll be a godsend TOTM treat.
The 2 boots by me dont have those wafers and toffees, I remember them from last time I did atkins. Does anyone remember thr low carb boots croissants? mmmm....
same brown packaging as all the other boots diabetic stuff, sold as 1 bar or multipack of lots of slightly smaller bars. They are quite low in carbs too. Xx

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