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Are there any.. American football fans, Wannabe Authors, Compers or OCders here?

Hi Dave:D

Ok seeing as though I'm doing a Creative Writing Degree I could possibly fall into the wannabe author band:eek:
I am writing a book about the Cambridge Diet and maintaining which I aim to have released during the late part of next year so I am an author.

Not into american football although I used to love playing Madden on the Mega Drive!

I'm an author! In fact, I'm slacking as I type this; I usually write from around 6am-9am every day, but this morning I've been making Christmas cards and surfing the web instead. ;)
Hi Dave! I write both fiction and non-fiction. My fiction is on Amazon (2 books, although I have another which is due to be published in 2008); my non-fiction isn't (articles and e-books, mostly written for magazines and websites). What about you?
Hi April only just noticed this msg.

I have written an action/adventure novel in the same sorta vein as a Cussler/McNabb but VERY different. It's so hard to describe the book without making people think it's a trashy factory line Cussler.

I am also in the process of writing a book about a young man sent to the trenches in WW1. How about yourself?
I'm in year 2 of an English / Creative Writing / Heritage Studies degree. Would love to be a published author one day ...... :sigh:
Sounds like we are both wishing for the same thing RD. I think it all boils down to how badly you want to be published. If you don't get disheartened you will keep churning out the stories and oen day you will get published. My first novel was a big learning curve and my second is moving alot more smoothly. My spelling is poor due to dyslexia but then thats why you have a spell check ;)
I think I'm still very much lacking in confidence. But that can only be overcome by writing, writing, writing.

We've just done a semester of poetry (suprisingly, I enjoyed writing poetry more than I thought I would - although most of my stuff tends to be quite 'dark') and are about to start a semster of prose.

Dyslexia isn't a barrier to creative talent - several of the students on my course are dyslexic :)
Hi russian Doll -I'm also doing an English degree but chickened out of the Creative writing modules - couldn't face reading my writing aloud - weight barriers again -what poetry have you covered so far? i love the renaissance poetry and lit.
I found the hardest part of Creative Writing were / are the workshops ... allowing a group of people to read your work, then reading it aloud yourself then taking criticism - very tough!

In the last semester, we had to write and submit seven poems for our assessments - two of which had to be in traditional form (I chose sonnet and villanelle).
In poetic genre, we've studied all the major genres from the Shakespearean and Petrarchan sonnets through to post modernism. My faves were the the sonnet and 18th Century Romanticism (Wordsworth in particular) but I also liked metaphysical poetry and also have a soft spot for WWI poetry (appeals to the dark side of me!)

Where are you doing your degree?
I wish i had done English at Uni. I love reading aloud and love watching peoples reactions when I hit a twist in the story.

the reason I bring up Dyslexia is that tis not a barrier for me it's just people know I'm trying to be published and then see all these spelling errors and just think I'm an idiot. I have a friend who proofs my work so it goes to the publisher all nice but on forums like this I often spell simple words wrong.
I can tell at a glance that you're no idiot ... but I do get your point :)

What did you study at Uni?
I'm doing my degree at Queen's in Belfast. I love War poetry too -in particular good old Wilfred Owen. And Wordsworth is just the mutts nuts lol I've just finished a fairy tale module and we had to read some of his stuff in relation to the fairytales place in Victorian England. bloody brill! ;)

fair play to you for being brave enough to read your work -I find it hard not being personal when i write so noone ever gets to see it. Its too baring. I feel quite jealous now lol
I've written some very, very personal stuff in my poetry and prose ... it's extremely cathartic! Of course, it can also be a bit uncomfortable reading it aloud as it's obvious the poem is from personal experience.
Two of the poems I submitted were about the recent death of my young nephew and just after when my sister (his mum) and me were waiting in the hospital waiting room to identify his body - as I said, DARK stuff!

But I also submitted a poem about a glove shop closing down, entitled, 'Global Warming' to balance it out - didn't want the tutor to jump out of the window marking my stuff!

I love Victorian literature and did my summative assessment on Christina Rossetti's 'Goblin Market' last year. If you want a saucy poem then that's one for you (although it was marketed as a children's nursery rhyme at the time - :eek:) - talk about inuendo!!
I also did an essay on Jekyll and Hyde - a great book!

Who's have thought that pre 2005 the only thing I wrote were shopping lists and notes to school!

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